Hello May 2023

4 May 2023 – And To My USA-Flock

Mon1May: Happy May/Labour Day – enjoy your long weekend and safe travels to all who are on the go! It sure is laborious to pack&close down the 4walls until Sep-Oct. For the 1st time hearing cicadas outside the kitchen window here, daily sounds from growing up@TemenggongRd in the 1950s-60s.

3 more airports ahead – dep2100hrs from SIN-airportT3 with all things go and a slight delay for take-off on a full UnitedAirlines flight. Tkx to SL for a ride to the airport, even got a chance to have a cuppa with Clement as he arr after the long weekend in HKG .

On schedule into SFO with an unexpected pleasant experience at the Immigration where the officer disclosed his age to me in a whisper and to our delight, we laughed at being the FlowerPowerGeneration – was refreshing to be able to laugh with them for once! White hair does have some advantages, hahaha. Flight slightly delayed taking off here…

Picking up time arriving on time into IAD, but unfortunately was on the tarmac longer than expected and being another full flight with 3 of us connecting to CAE sitting at the back of the plane, we missed our connection by 15mins, no worries will always be early for the next!

~4hrs layover time to explore my first experience in this airport. After ~15hrs flying time across the Pacific and ~5hrs across USA, was rather nice to walk and stretch the legs in this comfort without crowds. Connected on a smaller commuter plane where we get to walk outdoors in fresh air to board.

~1.5hrs flying time by a window seat, looking out with thoughts that it took me ~2months to walk that kind of distance 18yrs ago!

Tue2May 1400hrs: arrCAE, SIN-time Wed3May0200hrs, CAE being 12hrs behind SIN – after ~30hrs in airports&planes. Met by #1&5(only one here, besides #6 in Norway, shorter than me! for now), too busy giving them hugs to remember taking pix! Then straight on to the schools for more hugs to #2,3,4 and for #3 to get his driver’s license, making those tiring hours of travel worth the while.

Followed by #4 JuniorScholarsRecognitionCeremony, her last year in middle school and is the tallest of her sisters, also the tallest girl in her class, 5’9″ – still does not prevent her from wearing those heels! lol… Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world – MarilynMonroe


Wed: woke up to cheerful sounds of birds chirping outside the bedroom window in this quiet peaceful surroundings. Another beautiful blue-sky-day with perfect temps~74°f/23°c. Feeling like a zombie with a splitting headache, will not tempt fate to attend #4’s RegionalTrackMeet knowing&remembering how long these event can last, but will cheer for her in my thoughts…

Also miss her presentation on Gender Equality – pix credits to 1st-born.

Thu: productive 3+hrs!@Walmart after 10hrs of sleep last night! Amazing Night of A Thousand Strings year end concert with #3-Cello/HighSchool, #4-Bass/last year of MiddleSchool, #5-Viola/MiddleSchool+their colourful lighted-up-bows bringing Star Wars Theme in full Force. Apologies, but this phone camera does not do justice to the real effect, must start bringing the camera!

Lovely evening ended with a bite@Chick-fil-A, one of my favourite fast food places.

1 May – Happy May Day/Labour Day
5 May – Happy Cinco De Mayo
6 May – Happy Bdays WONG WaiKit & Jan SOSA
7 May – Happy Mother’s Day
10 May – Happy Bday Andrew LAM
13 May – Happy Bday Susannah LAM
16 May – Happy Bday LAM JenWen
17 May – Hurra for 17mai
18 May – Happy Bday Helen VICKERY-YEO
19 May – Happy Bday Paul KRAUSE
23 May – Happy Bday Yasmine AMEEN
27 May – Happy Bdays LAM SuiChang & Karen LIM
28 May – Happy Bday Vanessa LAM
30 May– Happy Bday Hans Kristian HUSTAD

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