Hurricane Ian 2022

30 Sep 2022: F1 Road Closures

Thu: HurricaneIan made landfall Wed28Sep~1500hrs FL/USA time at FtMeyers – 1+million are without power. Ppl in the path of Ian plx take extra care to be safe. Will be following&tracking Ian closely as it is predicated to be moving towards SC!! over the weekend. Memories of those FL days preparing for hurricanes are still deep in the mind but have been blessed and was not hit directly by any during my 15yrs stay there. Experienced some wet days with HurricaneAndrew in 1992.

Thank you to all in FL,USA FB-friends who have marked yourselves safe+updates. Thoughts&prayers go to those dealing with its severe aftermath destructions – Kathie’s garden, Jackie’s house, both in Orlando, FL, USA.
This video, tkx to MaxOlsen/Chasing will show 15ft storm surge washing away homes, trees, cars, etc in Ft. Myers Beach,FL,USA where SteveTubbs&family is located. Thank goodness they are safe.

Started my fun day@BedokHeartbeat – do enjoy walking and absorbing the ambience in these heartland areas here in SIN.

Even managed to buy 2hat S$16 and this dress S$50 from these young ppl, Emily&Fiona who are selling for some charity, or so they tell me!

Had a craving for MeeSiam@BedokInterchangeHawker 01-66 but was not hungry enough for the usual whole bowl, usually S$3.50 but was willing to pay the full price with less noodles so as not to waste and was charged S$2.50 which was just perfect for me both the taste&size, will be back, as the saying goes – Waste not, want not.

Met with Helen@Roots,EliasMall for my drastic hair-cut, had not buzzed it like this since just before the 2005ATthru’hike, tkx to Dee then – felt that a change is needed after not been out of SIN for nearly 3yrs and also in anticipation of going back to swimming soon. Dropped by to CC to say hi.

Helen is always a great sport to tag along my spontaneous uphill walks, hahaha and this time round was to MtEmily&Sophia. It was pleasant to step on a natural path again despite it being just a few steps. MelbaCafe was closed, so will have to be another time to go inside there.

Whenever I am in this area, memories of childhood days of the grand Eu Villa, and like #5TemenggongRd such a pity that it is also gone.

Oh well! at least the memory is still intact – sunset also means its time to head for a bite. Found the narrow never-ending stairs leading us down to between the Cathay&SOTA buildings, has been a long while ago since I took these stairs.

CôChung@PlazaSIN – have been wanting to eat these WaterFernCake again and glad to introduce them to Helen – Bánh Bèo/steamed rice cake with crushed shrimp, scallion oil topping with special sweet fish sauce. Bus16 ride from OrchardRd back to the MarineC was still OK tonight around 22.30hrs, but the driver must have thought he was driving the F1 and got back safely to my 4-walls in record time, hahaha – for real!

Will most certainly be keeping my distance from the areas in&around the F1 circuit in SIN this weekend. All 32 buses along these routes will be diverted and going anywhere by or near or via these areas will be diverted and will take much longer to go from the East to downtown.

Bed linen, extra mattress, towels are out from storage getting ready for arrival from Norway tomorrow. Byebye Sep2022.

30Sep2022: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop ~5.6+mil in an area of ~721km²  – 1,617
SC/USA/pop ~5+mil in an area of ~82, 932km²  – 18,365
Norway/pop ~5.3+mil in an area of ~365,268km²  – 4,098

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