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28 Sep 2022: Netflix Thai Cave Rescue(6episodes) 

Sun:  Happy National Daughters Day(pix from 1986CA,USA). 11yrs ago in 2011 with 1st-born@38thOkra Strut,SC,USA and today@49thOkra Strut,SC,USA – congratulations to #2 MissYellowJacket&HerCourt, pix credits to her mother.

Tkx to Calvin for DimSum lunch@PeachGarden,ThompsonPlaza pix credits to Helen; must be one of the biggest single shoe on display in this shoe-shop here.

Appreciations to Helen for introducing SlowBakes@TzuChiHumanisticYouthCentre 慈济人文青年中心 new for me&pleasantly located by YishunPondPk, not to be confused to the 14hectre YishunPk which is connected by an 84meter elevated bridge to YishunPondPk or YishunPond with a large pond that serves as a recreational spot for residents and doubles as a water catchment area. Water from the pond is used in the irrigation system of KhooTeckPuatHospital.

Appreciations for scenic-joy-ride driven by Calvin with Helen guiding, she lives in Punggol, thus knows this area around the North. An enjoyable drive back to the East side from the North of the island – would have taken me nearly 2hrs on the bus! Safe journeys to Bill back to Switzerland.

YishunDama.k.a. SeletarDam is used to separate the fresh water of LowerSeletar Reservoir from the salt water in the JohoreStrait.  Background of JenalJetty – Said to be the Last Fishing Village in SIN!?

Mon: @SGH – tests from all the recent procedures done are now cleared, hopefully will not need to be for more than the usual follow&check-ups for the rest of the year, considering that I have had 7appts here in Sep! Can now start getting the bed linen ready and look forward for May&fam to arrive from Norway this weekend, but not looking forward to the F1 to be causing inconveniences where road closures are concerned and will be keeping my distance from the areas in&around the F1 circuit.

Tue: what you see is just a perspective and not the whole truth; also it is not an optical illusion, but looks like one!! Amazing when one can get a shot(not my pix, downloaded) at the right angle&time, with or without photoshopping. Somehow, I can relate with the hole in the stomach lately – hahaha! And as GeorgeBernardShaw said about illusion

The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place

Wed: most will remember the rescued from the Tham Luang Nang Non Cave in ChiangRai Province in northern Thailand(Jun-Jul2018). Netflix/LimitedSeries has just released Thai Cave Rescue(6episodes) and it is well worth the watch. Had to also watch Ron Howard’s Amazon Original film, Thirteen Lives(2022), the National Geographic’s The Rescue(2021), and have kept my eyes&thoughts glued to the screen. Probably would not been able to watch if the ending was a tragedy, being more a follower of feel good movies and am surely in need of those.

What is so inspiring+touching and restored some positive thoughts about humanity&mankind for me from this incident is that over the course of 2weeks, thousands of volunteers, military specialists&corporate experts of all race&religion arrived from around the world to offer assistance in the rescue. Here is where how decent humanity trumps over adversity.

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