Mid-Autumn 2022

12 Sep 2022: National Lion Dance Championships

Fri: did a special single posting paying respect to QE2, the only queen being part of SIN colonial days. https://amylamsg.com/2022/09/10/queen-elizabeth-ii-1926-2022/

Fri: tkx to Ivy&Les for dinner@ParadiseTeochew/ScottsSquare 潮式卤味三拼盘
BraisedTrioCombinationPlatter, 蒜香炒时蔬Stir-fried Vegetable, 瑶柱虾籽大芥菜Braised Mustard Green with Shredded Conpoy&Shrimp Roe

东星斑SteamedCoral Grouper, 潮式海鲜炒面线Stir-fried MeeSua, 福果甜芋泥
Mashed Yam with Gingko/Orh Nee

Was fortunate to walk pass by this amazing National Lion-Dance Championships on the way to the bus-stop. Despite the crowds but being outdoors+also being fan of LionDance and tkx to MeiPin for finding some seats.
Lions play an important role in Chinese mythology, and represent joy&happiness.Lion dances are performed accompanied by the music of beating of drums, cymbals&gongs instruments synchronise to the lion dance movements&actions. Performance of Lion Dance brings luck and to get rid of the devil.
Nice to see young ppl enjoying this glorious evening entertained by street music on OrchardRd with huge bright lights of this new iPhone commercial on the PullmanHotel. Tkx for this lovely walk on the eve of Mid-Autumn.

Sat: 祝福大家中秋節快樂 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to all celebrating&marking this day. Enjoy your 月饼/Mooncake, I grew up with the 蓮蓉LotusSeed paste filling – today there are all sorts of different fillings, but my personal preference is still the simple white Lotus.菱角/WaterCaltrop, 餘頭/Taro, the only time I eat these foods and will light a lantern for tonight.

In Chinese culture, roundness symbolizes completeness&togetherness. A full moon symbolizes prosperity&reunion. Round mooncakes complement the harvest moon in the night sky at the Mid-Autumn Festival. Pix from last week wandering in Chinatown.
From GardensByTheBay, pix credits to SengHock
Sun@28TemenggongRd Mid-Autumn event sharing with Helen my childhood haunts;
tkx for being such a good spot to walk up&down MtFaber with me in the night road-lights and appreciations for dessert&drinks@ArboraHilltopGarden&Bistro.
Has been over a year ago, tkx to Reis&Henri since@TemenggongRd then, and it does not get easier that #5 is no longer. https://amylamsg.com/2021/01/
In memory of all those2,977victims+19hijackers, 2,996total who lost their life in 2001, 21yrs ago today the attack that changed our world, we remember the valor of those we lost—those who innocently went to work that day and the brave souls who went in after them. Hopefully we are mindful of those who grieve for them and the light that still lives in their hearts.
Mon: DnB in Norway is quite a pain in the butt – will have to deal with them for now, tkx to 2nd-born for her help. Considering that I have been banking with them since the 1970s@RådmannHalmrastsVei,Sandvika(used to be able to drive there, now for only pedestrians) when it was BergenBank(pix downloaded) merged with Den norske Creditbank in 1990 to form Den norske Bank. It is now part of DnB NOR, now with thoughts of closing my account there.
What businesses need from a bank is significantly different from what individuals need from a bank ― Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr, CEO of Mayflower-Plymouth