Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022)

9 Sep 2022 – May Her Majesty Now Rest In Peace

Fri: a special single posting paying respect to the only queen being part of SIN colonial days. Queen Elizabeth II/HM-QE2 UK’s longest-serving monarch died aged 96, after reigning for 70yrs. As a 21-year-old princess, she had vowed to devote her life to service and that she did with total dignity&grace. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-61585886

From cousin Karen: Getting dressed and to have a formal meeting with the new PM two days before not being able at all (and while the world fret abt the venue) really commands respect. My reply: She is one of the very few monarchs(the other is King Haakon VII(1905-1957) of Norway who I highly admire&respect. Oh yes, King Rama IX – Bhumibol Adulyadej(1946-2016) too – an era when&where duties, ethics, morals, etc are of different interpretations&values as of today!!

Sharing this eloquent comment and agreeing with him fully from cousin YatSoon who is born, lives and works in London,UK: I am not by instinct a supporter of monarchy as an institution, but the late Queen Elizabeth II has been an exemplary constitutional monarch. She was from my parents’ generation which lived through the Second World War. The Queen’s first Prime Minister, Churchill was born in 1874, and her last, Liz Truss was born in 1975.

The first US President she met was Truman and the last was Joe Biden.
From my Singaporean background, the first Singaporean PM she met was Lee Kuan Yew, and the last was his son Lee Hsien Loong. A surprisingly large number of Commonwealth government leaders in the Queen’s reign have been from the same family: Pierre and Justin Trudeau in Canada, Jomo and Uhuru Kenyatta from Kenya, and three generations : Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi from India (as well as leaders from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh).
The best historical statistic I have heard in the last day has been that the late Queen has been on the throne (1952-2022) for more than a quarter of the length of time that the United States of America has been a nation (1776 to date)… extraordinary! 

It has always been easy to hate and destroy. To build and to cherish is much more difficult – QE2

The way HRH Prince Philip looked at HM-QE2 throughout their entire 70 years together.

She now joins HRH Prince Philip(1921-2021) who has loyally served his Queen&Country for 7decades!


Grief is the price we pay for love – QE2

Sun11Sep: the first stage of HM-QEs final journey has begun as her coffin is driven from Balmoral to Edinburgh. The cortege is making the 6+hrs journey to Edinburgh’s Palace of Holyroodhouse. The coffin draped in the Royal Standard for Scotland, which has been used by generations of Scottish monarchs. The Wreath on the coffin features Dhalias, Sweet Peas, Phlox, White Heather and Pine Fir from the Balmoral Estate.


Mon12Sep: HM-QE2’s coffin will be conveyed to St Giles’ Cathedral in a procession with King Charles and members of the royal family. They will then attend a service at St Giles’ Cathedral, and after, the public will be allowed to pay their respects.


Tue13Sep: 17.00hrs(LondonTime), HM-QE2’s coffin will be moved from St Giles’ Cathedral to Edinburgh airport. Members of the public will be able to pay their respects as the hearse drives along the route. 18.00hrs Princess Anne will fly with the coffin on RAF/C-17 and is expected to arrive in Northolt/London ~19.00hrs and then continuing to Buckingham Palace.


Wed14Sep: 14.44hrs(LondonTime), HM-QE2’s coffin will leave Buckingham Palace via Queen’s Gardens, The Mall, Horse Guards and Horse Guards Arch, Whitehall, Parliament Street, Parliament Square and New Palace Yard to Westminster Hall where the coffin will lie in state for four days. Lying-in-state describes the formal occasion in which a coffin is placed on view before the funeral ceremony.


Thu15Sep: marks the first of four full days that the HM-QE2’s coffin will lie in state in Westminster Hall, where she will remain until the morning of the funeral. The first members of the public pay their respects as the vigil begins around the coffin of the Queen. Officials expect~750,000 people to view the coffin, will check on how correct that figure stands!

Fri16: the lines from Southwark Pk to Westminster Hall,

-Sun18Sep: Westminster Hall opens 24hrs for the ppl to pay respect~10mi(16k)/14-24hrs.

Mon19Sep: with pomp and sorrow, world bids final farewell to HM-QE2. 11.00hrs (LondonTime) State Funeral Service ~2,000ppl attending (https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-62890879), the coffin travelled in Procession from Westminster Abbey, here the coffin was carried on the State Gun Carriage of the Royal Navy drawn by 142sailors to Wellington Arch and from here the coffin travelled by hearse to Windsor/St George’s Chapel.

HM-QE2 was laid to rest on Monday night together with HRH Prince Philip at a private family service in the King George VI Memorial Chapel located inside St George’s Chapel.


Wed21Sep: More Than 4.1 Billion Watch Queen’s Funeral – https://www.newsweek.com/queen-elizabeth-funeral-tv-broadcast-viewership-audience-1744187

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