16 Sep 2022 – Bilateral Tonsillectomy

Tue: they are just about everywhere lately – hen(black&white), rooster by the bus stop@NeilRd just before KampongBahruRd.

SGH/OCH@OrthopeaedicDep to review that C-spine is able to endure GA for Thu-surgery. A cuppa+a treat@Starbucks to start the day,

and continuing the day to wander&wonder around Chinatown to one of my favourite cakeshops@ChinatownPoint. Just looking with the eyes as the mouth could not fit in another bite of cake for today!

MRT-ThompsonEastCoastLine/TEL=BrownLine when completed will run from Woodlands to Bedok. The first two stages of the line opened in 2020 and 2021, with subsequent stages opening in 2022, 2024 and 2025. The line will consist of 32 stations, spanning 43km, when fully completed.

Looking forward to the completion of the MaxwellMRT station on the TEL/BrownLine, located across the road from BuddhaToothRelicTemple&Museum

JinrikishaStation(junctions of Neil&TanjongPagarRd)

FairfieldMethodistChurch, formally JingHwaCinema as my memory recalls and also that it was haunted as a cinema Рseemingly a  worker died during construction. Do remember going to movies with mother here.


Wed: following with HM-QE2’s last journey before her funeral – such a historical event with overwhelming coverage. There will probably never be another monarch who will sit on a throne for 70+yrs, especially one who has reigned with total dignity&grace. Today is the first full day that the Queen’s coffin will lie in state in WestminsterHall and the first members of the public pay their respects where she will remain until the morning of the funeral. Keeping this event in a single blog posting updating until the funeral.

Thu: all day surgery+post-op-recovery@SGH to rid another incident finding cyst in the R-tonsil, hopefully the last incident finding for now. Procedures went smoothly with the expected and advanced-info provided. Tkx to Clem for being there to ensure that I get back on my 2feet back to my 4-walls, am totally blessed with a nephew like him. Now to shallow the endless variety of meds to prevent&counteract whatever they need to do for the next week+

Fri: good thing is that I get to eat soft-comfort-foods and I like these soups I have prepared in advance now in the freezer – PurpleSweetPotatoes, Pumpkin, BoneBroth, pix downloaded here. Do wonder if Beethoven did really say that Only the pure in heart can make a good soup??

Will buy congee@MT-Market as needed – best fresh. Chocoate&coffee ice-cream in the freezer – now even my teeth gets a break from chewing.

Happy Malaysia Day to those celebrating&marking the day.

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