Family Visit From SC, USA/2

20 Jul 2022 – Busy Busy Busy

Sun: appreciations to family&friends for being at the picnic; to LionelC for yummy ‘DryMeeSiam, IncheKabinFriedChicken‘, old school sardine sandwiches and for driving us to EC-Pk; to Calvin&Sam+Chris from CC for the drinks& set-up and to family&friends for food&flowers.

Happy Birthday to CH and tkx for the beers – pix credits to all who took pix and appreciations to all who helped with blowing&tying of balloons.

To auntie Anna, 82 with the most seniority, related thru’ paternal grandmother CHAN branch of the family here today from KCH and cousin Karen, for making the effort to be here with champagne to celebrate. To cousin ChengEn/Roy for being there with cupcakes; to niece Sue for all her help+foods. Today we have 4generations represented, sitting Anna, Ivy, standing from L-R Karen, Sue, Sophie, me, John, Linn, Kiera Patricia, Leslie.

To Theresa&ChengJun tkx for beautiful orchid bouquet, AudreyW, Hannah&Heiko for his yummy home-bake chocolate-chip brownie-cookies who cycled part of the way here, Carmel for cupcakes,

Chris&family, Iyas who cycled here, Helen for many of the shots, Yoshie – looking forward to tasting the sake from Japan;

SengHock who also cycled to&fro here (~50k) with his camera taking good shots and tkx for sharing. TingTing who turned up towards the end – tkx for driving my family back. To each&everyone who took energy&time to be with us, we are most blessed&grateful for your gracious company.

Mon: ChocolateTissuePrata breakfast went down well for the teenagers while mother enjoyed her DumplingNoddleSoup and grandmother her cuppa@blk59MT-coffee-shop across the street nearest to my blk.

While they spent the afternoon@GardensByTheBay with John overlooking his birth-country – pix credits to Linn, I managed to sort out some pix and chill. As it is am so short of breath, another afternoon out&about will be tempting fate!

Met for satay@LauPaSat where Sophie had 20+sticks! Always fascinates me to watch how they close BoonTatSt at 1900hrs sharp and all the tables&chairs are set on the street in a blink of an eye!

Dessert&ice-creams@FoodFolks, the only place I know of that has 4different flavoured cones! John was so stuffed that Linn had to finish his DeepDarkChocolate ice-cream. Sophie managed to finish her LycheeRaspberry and I had the YuzuSorbet, too sweet for me – but nowadays many things are too sweet for my taste.

Tue: an easy morning while ladies got their nails done – time to chill and pack before more long flights ahead. Time for them to check out Jewel while I keep guard of their luggage as KoreanAir does not have early check-in. Snacked on crabcakes@Privé while they were exploring and feeling so appreciative&happy that they even want to make this grueling journey –  do not think I will survive this kind of journeys nowadays.

They dined on Impossible Spaghetti, Fish&Chips & GreenThaiCurry – average food but fills the tummy and most important, quiet without crowds for me!

Wed: flight took off on time 0100hrs and so ends their SIN trip for now – even the sky is crying this early morning while they are changing planes in Seoul/SouthKorea, but will look forward till we can meet again. Safe journeys back to the USA to them and a quiet day for me with the washing machine going all day&the next few days if energy permits today.

Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow ― Shakespeare

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  1. Awesome visit from USA family to most awesome grandmother! Thanks for sharing this happy time.

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