Family Visit From SC, USA

16 Jul 2022 – Linn, JohnW & Sophie

Wed: not sure if I am able to see straight tonight after getting 3beds ready! Light supper in TheCoffeeBean&TeaLeaf@Jewel (24hrs), conveniently facing T1-Arr-Belts. Yeah they’ve landed, both #3&4 taller than I am since last seeing them 3yrs ago when they were still shorter than me! #3 has not been here since 15yrs ago when he was born here and his comment, this is my longest plane journey (1+hr drive from CAE-CLT~2hrs flying from CLT-JFK ~16hrs-ICN ~6hrs-SIN).

Thu: ~0300hrs was the time we settled into a sleeping mode and being teenagers, who are able to sleep till noon with or without jetlag. Their 1st-SIN-meal with a short stroll introducing HDB-living –  Beef&Seafood hor-fun (Asian pasta!) went down well, but durians? just looking with their jet-lag eyes on their first day, perhaps a taste sometime before they fly off! How about a beauty treatment? No, not my shop and nothing to do with me – as it is they are naturally beautiful inside-out. Nice quiet day to chill, calm before the storm.

Bengawan Solo Kueh – OngolUbi, LapisSagu, KuehTalam&Eggtarts were well-received for late afternoon tea back in the 4-walls before their short walk on EC-Pk.

Fri: after 10hrs of  sleep last night, 0600hrs Linn&Sophie off for their runs while the SIN-born ppl slept in. CharSiew&prawns CheeChongFun, FishBallNoodleSoup, ChaiTowKway&YouTiao breakfast consumed with no complains.

The scent of wet-market, did not go too well with the ladies, but John, my SIN-born grandson had no problems with lingering on to capture pix – pix credits to him.

Tkx to Les&Ivy for a small family gathering (LAM TinYue+TSANG MayLan branch) last night for some of those who are unable to attend the picnic. GreenG (my generation) 7 Lawrence&Kiong have passed on now with 5 Jo, Steven, Joyce, Leslie & I left in SIN; OrangeG 18; PurpleG 24 excluding spouses. L-R/PurpleG: KieraLucas, John, Sophie, Isebella, Beth. L-R/OrangeG:Sue, DaisyPatPatricia, Back:LeeLinnClementDavid, Adeline.

4 yummy Steaks a la Rochalie by Les was wolf down in no time, John&Sophie was introduced to KueyPieTee made by Pat. Tkx to Sue for desserts, durian ice-cream was not their favourite but the cake was their preference.

GreenG feeling blessed that the OrangeG are now all sensible adults and that board games are still enjoyed by the PurpleG

Sat: from the bus-stop to HelixBridge with the NDP rehearsals

Entering MBS by the foodcourt where it was once a skating-rink is now replaced with an interactive light installation – the DigitalLightCanvas, features a 14-metre tall LED light sculpture suspended from the ceiling – aerial pix downloaded.

Tkx to Clement for introducing PekingDuck&Osmanthus@ImperialTreasure/MBS to the teenagers and they even liked them, some of my favourite dishes from this location.

While Linn&Sophie were shopping, Patricia&Clement took John up to the SkyParkObservation – 56storeys high and it is the first time that he has been so high up out in the open. Was too tired, stayed down@Origin+Bloom for a cuppa, now only standing room and nowhere to sit. Had to take my leave while they continued to the Merlion with Clement and NightSafari with Lee. Most grateful to nieces&nephews for helping out now that the steam is running low – aerial pix downloaded.

Pix credits to Patricia from MBS-SkyParkObservation

Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever – Walt Disney

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