Visitors From Norway & London/UK

27 Jul 2022 – Cousin YatSoon&Family

Mon: appreciations to Leng&family for a quick catch up to see how grown her children Marcus, Victor&Aurora are now. Tkx for getting my favourite butter, mackerel&Remulada. Continue to enjoy SIN for the rest of their stay, safe journeys back to Norway. Looking forward to tasting these yummy Norwegian food I have missed and to making some cucumber sandwiches with my favourite butter.

Leng thought that we last met in 2018, checked my blog and it was 2019 when we last met and tkx for having me then, also the 1st&only time I celebrated SIN National Day in Norway


#1-5 are doing a East-Coast US-road-trip checking out universities for #2. Delighted that #1 got to catch up with her childhood friend from since she was 2 and RachelJ then 4, who is now in DrexelU. PA/USA and #1 in UofSC/USA – pix credits to Linn&AmyJ

It is amazing to be able to stay in contact with old friends and my oldest friends are KK&PP who I have known since the early 1950s and we are still in contact and have tried to meet somewhere annually – due to Covid we have not been all together since 2018 in Italy. PP lives in Australia and KK in SIN who I do catch up with when he is not travelling.

Tue: 2months ago at CC to help out and to get grandniece Kiera her first pair of climbing shoes – LaSportivaTarantula. Good to see that they are put to use – like to see the younger generation staying active even though I personally prefer to walk on solid grounds.

The ground we walk on, the plants and creatures, the clouds above constantly dissolving into new formations – each gift of nature possessing its own radiant energy, bound together by cosmic harmony  – Ruth Bernhard

Welcome back to SIN cousin YatSoon&his lovely family Helen, Merle&Mei from London/UK Nice to meet Helen’s sister Laura&family, their 1st visit here. Introduced Hainanese food to them@The Hainan Story Chapter One (Hotel Boss). 

GG here showing the OG how to smoke cigars – cigars always bring back fond memory of my father and tonight in this case, also happy memory of 9auntie LAM PohKeo, YatSoon’s mother who was most gracious&kind to me during my life journey@TemenggongRd when I was the flower-girl for her wedding. Great to see the 2cousins enjoying their puffs and getting to know each other better. Impressive to hear YatSoon speaking Cantonese to Merle&Mei. Tkx to bro Les&Ivy for a nice family evening, the seldom time I would drink wine+whisky, but who can resist Chateau Margaux and 21BushmillSingleMalt??

Wed: unfortunately the stomach is acting up and had to back out from attending a performance by a child pianist prodigy MikkelMyerLee@VictoriaConcertHall tonight.