Hari Raya Hajii, Puasa & Maal Hijrah

12 Jul 2022 – RIP Former Japanese PM ShinzoAbe 

Sat: yesterday’s assassination of former Japanese PM ShinzoAbe has both saddened&shocked meお悔やみcondolences to his family with prayers&thoughts out to them and may he RIP.


Sun: Hari Raya Haji (Eid Al-Adha) falls on the 10th day of the month of Dzulhijjah, the last month of the Muslim calendar, and marks the conclusion of the annual Hajj. Pix downloaded of Al-Kaʿba al-Musharrafah Mecca/Saudi Arabia. Have been informed by YusoffAbdulLatiff that 30 Covid cases were reported among SIN-pilgrims and had to be ferried in ambulances to do their rituals.


Not confusing with Hari Raya Puasa (Hari Raya Aidilfitri) ending the fasting month (Ramadan).


Tkx to TuahBugis/Syaqil Sarafian for educating me as to when&what the Muslim new year – Awal Muharram is also known as Maal Hijrah, which marks the first day of the new year in the Islamic calendar and not the same time as the HariRayas, also not a public holiday here in SIN, but holidays in Saudi, Malaysia&Indonesia. In my younger/ignorance days! I used to think that HariRaya was the NewYear!!

Was planning for a quiet day today – Sim messaged to ask if he could play on my piano and it was a pleasure to have him for a private solo performance, have been avoiding going to concerts, etc in enclosed areas nowadays. Showed him the way from my 4-walls to the EastCoastPk/McD (~5mins walk via underpass) as he wanted to check out the sea for swimming – nearly fainted, had to turn back immediately despite expecting this kind of crowd!

The Mob has many heads but no Brains —  Dr. Thomas Fuller

Heard all the commotion with colourful brightly-lit trunks – good that my curiosity in is still within even at this stage in life’s journey to take another walk to satisfy this kaypoh=nosy in Singlish, hahaha.

Still not wiser after asking someone who tired to explain something about the gods of heaven&hell.

Tried to google but unable to find any info, need to ask ppl who are knowledgeable with deity worship and will edit&update here if I get the info. Instead of a quiet day, turned out to be a rather eventful&fun day. Tkx to Lynn Wong Yuqing (黄鈺清) for her input: I’m not exactly sure what is the occasion, but yes, the medium in pink would be a yang deity, while the one on the truck, I’m guessing is the Er Ye Bo (二爷伯) who is a yin deity.

Mon: a  public holiday for the HariRaya – bought popiah to eat&work@CC, dinner@LongPhung – VietnameseCuisine@JooChiat.

Dessert@MelbaCafe, formerly the chapel of the former TrinityTheologicalCollege within the compounds of SophiaHillsCondo.

The isolation&quiet location is an uphill walk for those without a car.

Tue: nice that #5 is enjoying his time with his paternal grandmother@SanDiegoZoo, CA/USA (pix credits to Cindy) while #1&2 have returned after their Norway trip and #3&4 are preparing for their SIN trip. It will be his turn to travel overseas when he is older and can appreciate&remember more. At present he probably prefers the zoo. Memories from 1987 with 1st&2nd-born visiting that zoo, but do wonder if&how much of that trip they can recall?? Must ask her when I see her.

@NHCS(pix downloaded) for a follow-up appt – brought book, jacket&socks in case I had to wait (usually cold in that section of the HeartCentre!). Was pleasantly surprised to be called in 5mins before my appointed time – kinda commented to the dr that today he obviously did not have surgery or any emergency! Even had some energy to have a bite and run some errands in Chinatown.

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