24 Jul 2022 – Happy Bdays to James & Lucas

Thu: still coughing and trying out these TMC and hopefully with some TLC, this cough will go away as it is giving me headaches from lack of sleep. The washing machine has been busy the past 2days+today&tomorrow with loads that were mainly bed-linen&towels! Small washing machine can only load a few of those large heavy items and limited drying space in my 4-walls – thank goodness that I do have a washing machine. This weekend will be a well deserved rest for machine & being!

They are now back in SC/USA safe&sound recovering from the long flight hours&jetlag before their road-trip. Favourite dish for #3John so far was the PekingDuck@MBS-ImperialTreasure (pix downloaded), one of my favourites from that location too.  Tkx to Clement for introducing that to them, but they have also enjoyed all the foods here.#4Sophie did not voice what her favourite dish was but she seemed to like the Youtiao/YuCharKway, a long golden-brown deep-fried strip of dough made from wheat flour. Did not try durian after they had a tiny bite of my durian ice-cream – hahaha.

Fri: exactly 11yrs ago today I was staying in my house@Kolsås/Norway not too far from Utøya (~25k/30mins by car) where the shootings happened – if interested, watch Netflix 22July movie where it is based roughly on what happened then on 22Jul2011, a truly sad day – in memory of all those who lost their life.

Sat: Happy 11Bday #5James – have not seen him since 2019, hopefully can be at his 12Bday. Also Happy 13Bday to grandnephew Lucas and thank you for being such a good cousin to #3John & #4Sophie who really enjoyed meeting their SIN-cousins.

Sun: finally laundry done, now to store them until the next family visits from Norway&USA. In the meanwhile can look forward to catching up with Leng&family visiting from Oslo/Norway and cousin YatSoon&family from London/UK for early next week, ie if I managed to catch my breath by next week.

Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life ― Gregory Maguire

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