Alfresco Dining

9 Mar 2022 – At A HDB-Common-Corridor

Sat-Sun-Mon: in no mood to be out or in company, best to stay within the 4-walls to listen to audio-books, music and sew. With a chest congestion here, wheezing when breathing, also having problems lying flat to sleep, thus sitting up to sleep and not getting enough sleep. Covid-ART-Test-negative, probably Asthma&Allegies acting up again with the on-going-MRT construction dust outside, and this too will pass. These home-remedies+a dash of whisky have always work.

Thru-hikes completed USA-AT/~3,500k in my 50s, UKC2C/~300k in my 60s
and hopefully Canada-PEI/~700k in my 70s, also probably my last long-distance-thru-hike is now on 2023planner, ie if circumstances allow! The Island Walk is a 700km walking trail that loops around PEI takes~32 days to complete if you walk 20-25km per day. Would WALK now for PEACE if I could, but health issues need to be resolved+the financial&logistic plannings to complete a thru-hike.

Paul Krause: Not sure you need to walk for peace. Instead I think we could have a global whip round to buy a straight jacket for Putin and get him sectioned before he does too much more damage to both Ukraine and Russia.

My reply to Paul: feeling so helpless&sad in this case where greed&power blind all logic&sense. Praying&walking are the few ways for me to keep sane; besides having bad thoughts about horrible things happening to evil ppl, but of course that is not the solution!

The news with war, climate change, etc around the world are not good news! It has come to a point that I dread to listen, read or watch the news. Here is an interesting TED discussion on the war worth listening to:

Tue: Happy International Women’s Day which wasn’t formalised until a wartime strike in 1917, when Russian women demanded ‘bread and peace’; 4days into the strike the tsar was forced to abdicate and the provisional government granted women the right to vote. The strike began on 8Mar and this became the date that International Women’s Day is celebrated. Today I hope&pray that not only Russian women, but all women&men could demand for PEACE on EARTH especially in Ukraine

Wed: belated Bday dinner with Gel – tkx for yummy BurrateCheese, IberricoMeats&salad consumed alfresco at a HBD-common-corridor in the delightful evening breeze. The Helinox chairs+tables from CC came into good use.

Pleased to discover this yummy Made in SIN ice-cream&cookie, a perfect size to share for dessert or even a whole one to yourself if you do not want to share! Fresh strawberries for both granish&taste compliments this cookie – on promotion@Fairprice/Parkway S$8.50 for 2. Also these ready-mixed GinTonics@M&S S$9.90each, buy 3 and get 1free, nice pre-dinner drink with a slice of lemon or lime for garnish.

Cooking and eating food outdoors makes it taste infinitely better than the same meal prepared and consumed indoors ― Fennel Hudson, Fine Things – Fennel’s Journal – No. 8

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