Pineapple Tarts

26 Jan 2022 – Flammkuchen

Sat: appreciations&tkx to these young ppl for yesterday’s yummy Flammkuchen (FlamingCake/Pie/Pizza, something new to me) lunch in their lovely new home. Interesting&inspiring to hear&see pix about Hannah&Heiko’s 1+yr cycle trip (their honeymoon) from Germany to SIN.  Refreshing to be in the company of ppl who enjoy nature and are adventurous with other cultures –  makes me want to travel again.

Also had the chance to explore ChongBoonCentre&Market which is a first-time for me. Delighted to discovered Cockscomb (tkx to CH&Paul for providing the name)  in minitures – grew up with them (ie the big pots!) every CNY. Could not resist getting a miniture one S$6.

Appreciations to Paul for this info – The genus Celosia has a range of species, some of which are edible (possibly all?). The generic name (appropriately) is derived from the Greek word for burning. The vernacular Cockscomb is for this (very) ornamental which we can grow as annuals in the UK for summer flowering outdoors (needs starting off in a greenhouse though). Bit easier getting them to flower in time for CNY in SG! Anyway, if it dies on you Amy, remember this is because it is an annual and _not_your_fault_

OK HokkianMee – quite a crowd during lunch, back for late tea when the crowds were gone, but will not be repeating this HokkianMee! Bus55 ride took ~1hr.

Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth – Aspire to inspire before we expire

Sun: 1st LoHei@LoHei@ImperialTreasure/AsiaSq – nice stroll in this area with no crowds on a Sunday.

Family dinner@Rochalie, quite delightful to be in grandniece, Kiera’s company who has grown to be a fine young lady with a wonderful sense of humour. She has applied to study overseas and will certainly be missed when she leaves. Grandnephew Darryl will be heading off to Sydney/Australia next week, and will miss him this CNY – where has all that time gone???

Mon: nice quiet day by myself. Relaxing alfresco HorFun picnic dinner with Gel by the SiglapCanalPier in our lovely EC Pk – she needed to destress from a project and I needed some fresh-air!

Cooking and eating food outdoors makes it taste infinitely better than the same meal prepared and consumed indoors ― Fennel Hudson

Tue: SGHappt and all is well with results of the CT-scan. Chinatown to soak in more of the CNY ambience since in the area, and not too bad a crowd, but still too many ppl for me.

An ambundance of cookies, Chinese sausages, flowers, etc…

Checked out the artsy tigers on SouthBridgeRd.

BuddhaToothRelicTemple with the sea of red lanterns.

Happiness is your inherent nature. In the hustle and bustle of life, you have forgotten a part of yourself, and looking for it outside. Fill this void with happiness that is sustainable, not transitory; that illuminates your life and that of others – Sanchita Pandey

Tis the season for PineappleTarts/PT and they don’t keep well, so should to be made&consumed within a few days of the CNY-period. Sue/SIN (2011)&Chuan’s KCH/Sarawak (2012) made an impression then. Have tasted many thru’ the years until I discovered CK’s LimpehBakes/SIN (2021) with his delicate balance of ingridents baked to perfection, just tasted the 2022 batch – highly recommended.

PT are popular here in SIN&Malaysia around CNY as in Chinese dialects Hokkien(OngLai) & Cantonese(WongLai), pineapple, and a homonym for wealth arrives thus gifting PT is a gesture intended to bring about prosperity&wealth.

Wed: at Les&Ivy’s where their CNYplants (Cockscomb) are in place, riding with them to dinner – tkx to Theresa&CJ for delicious steak dinner.

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