Jiangmen City Heritage Architecture

16 Jan 2022 – LAM  Museum In The Making

Thu: early Bday celebrations tkx to Carmel for breakfast&gifts by the beach. What a beautiful morning to have a yummy alfresco picnic breakfast of scones+smoked-salmon with Ireland never far from our memories, appreciations for 2022calender from Ireland! Such a delight&luxury to be in such good company with no crowds or enclosed-walls.

Sinfully delicious fusion pick me up – this perfect surroundings in the shade under a lovely tree with a pleasant breeze listening to the waves chatting with a friend counting our blessings, a total feeling of bliss&peace.

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. Happy Pongal to those marking the day. Last day age 71 must be one of the best days since I returned to this part of the world to research on my roots in China&Sarawak, and the best Bday gift to start my 72nd year. Tkx to cousin Irene works have started at the LAM ancestral hall in the village of Sun Wui (新會) in Jiangmen (江門) Guangdong Province/China. Thought I was fighting a losing battle when I tried to convinced the family that our heritage is something to be proud of with the good deeds our granduncle’s&grandfather’s did for their village.


The exact location of these buildings: TangbianliVillage, DanzaoTownship, PengjiangDistrict, JiangmenCity, GuangdongProvince, PRC

A plaque has now been installed at the entrance to the building, designating it as Jiangmen Historic Architecture. After so many years of effort&frustrations, this is indeed a very happy moment. In order to know where you are going, know where you came from first!

A person without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots – Marcus Garvey

Sat: Happy Bday to me and to AngieS (50!! where has all that time go, seems like yesterday that we were celebrating our day together in FL/USA); EstellaC, JoshuaL, JohnT also share the same day, Happy Bday to them too. Still on Cloud9 after news about China and feeling so blessed&grateful for all the kind well wishes from family&friends all over the world for the day – delighted with drawings from grandchildren.

Appreciations&tkx to family&friend, started the celebrations with lunch at TheSocial@Forum TheShoppingMall. The food on the menu looked interesting and they had quail which I have been wanting to taste. No recommendations from me, and will not be returning for another visit – more for the younger generation who are there taking pix of food for their social media!

Have not been into this mall since I do not even remember when but glad to have found this BananagramsS$36@TheToyFolks there, have been looking for it since I was introduced to this Scrabble-like game but without the board.

Man oh man these cookiesS$25 (butter+M&M) are soo cute and irresistible, but Leonard (belated Bday to him, 5Jan) is so right about the younger generation being more into presentation than taste. Bought a box and will not be getting more.

Did not even know that HiltonHotel has been rebranded to vocoOrchard, thank goodness the cakes at the lobby lounge has not changed still taste good.

Discovered this gem 辉记 FaiKeeFishHeadBeeHoon@CommonwealthCrescentMarket&Food Centre. Had their BlackBeanBeefBitterMelon, HorFun,PrawnPasteChicken highly recommended.

Sun: need the day to rest this body&mind to catch up with world news. There has been undersea volcano eruption near Tonga and tsunami warnings have been issued in many areas around the Pacific. Ppl  affected, plx take care and be safe – pix downloaded.



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