I Am Not In The Mood For Christmas 2021

6 Dec 2021 – GingerBread Houses&Men

Fri: early bfast and fresh produceS$11 for the week purchased, washed, vacumm-packed&stored to last for the week. The indoor season in ready for the winter!

Fri3Dec: Jingle Bells / Bjelleklang, The Cello Advent Calendar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohJQhBiw4J8

Sat: more of some favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentre (max 5 vac ppl for now!) in SIN. KhengFatt HainaneseBeefNoodles 瓊发海南牛肉粉 Golden Mile FoodCentre, 505 Beach Rd, #01-89. This location is also known as Beach Road Army Market – The Army Market or simply BeachRdMarket due to the army shops that are located above the food court. https://armymarket.sg/

Planned to be at the Norwegian Seamen’s Mission to do some shopping and then lunch at Mt Faber with Ivy&Carmel, but it was not meant to be as Carmel was not well – perhaps another time, but just hope that she is recovering from the bug that got her. As it is, they will not be serving their delicious open-face sandwiches+fresh bakes due to the present circumstances – do miss those annual pre-Christmas event here.


Sat4Dec: Silent Night/Glade jul, The Cello Advent Calendar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9y60pAq-Uc

Sun: fun&productive 2ndSunday of Advent morning tkx to AudreyWong&her sis, April. Bfast@Seah-Im HawkerFood.

To go into many places here, including hawkers’centres, you will need scan your Covid-contact-tracing-status at the entrance, and then will be provided with the sticker colour-code&dated for the day. At the exit point you can choose to stick them back here – good idea&a cheerful piece of art, in addition not getting them thrashed all around the floors, etc… like this pix, tkx to CK from his hood! Looks like some form of real-life! is also sticking to the wall@Seah-Im – no matter how slow or small it will eventually reach its destination as long as it keep moving forward!

Joy-ride to MtFaber&PasirPanjangRd area/WestSide, shopping@IKEA/Alexandra, back to the EastSide before12n! Without a car and doing what we did this morning would have taken me all day! Beautiful GingerBreadHouses pix posted by MetteB and my contribution is one from IKEA and like most things from IKEA, you will need to assemble the kit – hahaha.

CarolN: after several years of collapsing gingerbread houses, we set the bar a bit lower this year. Oh boy! do I remember&can relate to all the collasping GingerBreadHouses? Good idea with GingerBreadMan. I would do the same if I had to bake with kids again – lol. Pix downloaded, do not have that kind of patience now – been there, done that and over with that stage!

The GingerBread Man, The perfect man – he is quiet, he is sweet and if he gives you grief you can bite his head off – read this somwhere but do not know by whom or where??

Tkx to bro Les&Ivy for delicious lamb marinated, seasoned&torched to perfection+other yummy dishes dinner. Good to catch up with the Chuas now that we can gather with 5ppl, have not seen Kiera since before her exams and now a well-deserved relaxing holdiays before an intership in SIN and then heading overseas for her U in 2022.

Seems like yesterday she was in her baby-car-sleeper-chair on the table when Les&Ivy hosted the 1stChristmasFamilyGathering@TanglinClub – trying to remember which year it was?? And then another Christmas/2008 when we met with the Grinch – will be missing yet another (the second since I can remember)  family gathering for this Christmas@TanglinClub.

Appreciations to Chris for the Christmas-Rum-Cheese-Cake, first I have tasted.
Sun5Dec: Winter Wonderland, The Cello Advent Calendar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrrukyIziI4
Mon: still working on getting into the mood for this season – must try and get a copy of that book and learn something from it and maybe these Dec daily cello videos might help!
Mon6Dec: Du grønne, glitrende tre/The Christmas tree, The Cello Advent Calendar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QiI3A3Ga1M

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