Appreciations To The Dark Times

10 Dec 2021: Most Enjoyable And Memorable Of Times

Tue: tkx to Hazel for the share of these amazing beautiful shots/6pix credits to Yngve Olsen, from my favourite Northern town. Tried to explain to Chris a few nights ago that the sun is not around this time of the year in Tromsø/Norway and he found it difficult to imagine, but having to live&experience thru’ these dark winters was another lifetime ago!
And this is as bright as it gets in the middle of the day (ie if not a cloudy day!). Tusen takk and appreciations to all those who crossed my path there and helping to make it one of my most enjoyable&memorable places to have lived in. Maybe this might help to set the start of the festive mood.
Jan mentioned winters in YYZ were harsh back from 1950-1965 and I would think it would be certainly harsher than those in TOS. At least the GulfStream current helped with warming this area then, but now with climate changes, who know what is happening or will happen??
Tue7Dec: Nordnorsk julesalme, The Cello Advent Calendar.

Wed: had to get my act together, bus from East-West (one change of bus at the same stop), a hike up probably! the steepest road here in SIN to pick up some festive goodies hoping that the mood will find a way in for this season@Sjømannskirken i Singapore/The Seamen’s Church in Singapore.

If only I could master that demon of procrastination that goes about like a roaring lion and devours all my good intentions, I should become the most punctual man in the world – Ibsen
Wed8Dec: My Heart Always Wanders/Mitt hjerte alltid vanker, The Cello Advent Calendar.
Thu: tkx to Carmel for 1st Xmas gift received by the sea on this beautiful morning with good company and a view – greasing the mood-wheels into festive gear – not quite on auto-mode yet, but slowly&surely getting there. Tkx to Theresa&ChengJun for yummy dinner.
Everything comes in circles! The old wheel turns, and the same spoke comes up. It’s all been done before, and will be again – Arthur Conan Doyle
Thu9Dec: We Wish You A Merry Christmas, The Cello Advent Calendar.
Fri: delighted that they had both the banana pies&mini chocolate tarts@DonaManis – perfect Xmas gift solutions for ppl who has everything!
Appreciations&tkx to cousin Karen for delicious lunch@Ka-Soh Restaurant
Fish Slices with Noodles 魚片米粉 and Frogs with FreshSpringOnions&Ginger 姜葱田鸡 excellent, highly recommended.
The last time in this building (Dec1998) was when Albert&Patricia had their dancing lessons preparing for their first dance at their wedding! And this was the music they danced to 23yrs ago –
Fri10Dec: Deilig er den himmel blå, The Cello Advent Calendar –

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