15 Nov 2015 – Translated Literally=Seamen’s Church

12239644_10153620290941550_5706021003730304012_nFri: prayers and thoughts to all effected in Paris. Condolences to those who have lost anyone in any of these horrible bloodshed,  destruction of life, killings, etc etc, where no words are able to describe or reflect the feeling of sadness within.

Is there a solution? Are there anyways to prevent this?? How and who can stop these atrocities, bombings and shootings???

Sat: The Norwegian Church in SIN, 300 Pasir Panjang Rd is situated at the top of the steepest hill in SIN. Now this location is shared with the Church of Sweden, which is new to me. When I was last there over a decade ago, seemed like Sweden was not part of it?

Sjømannskirken i SingaporeIMG_6454IMG_6470

This venue is not only a church but here you can taste Norwegian waffles and gaze at one of the world’s largest container ports, very appropriate view for a Sjømannskirken.



Helping with their Christmas Bazaar and for me, only the Scandinavians know how to celebrate a real Christmas – note that this is very subjective 🙂 Not being a believer or a follower in any organized religion, but still have respect for the Sjømannskirken where its original purpose was to take care of their seafaring folks who are away from home.

Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.

Those who are interested will also know that Norway has a long maritime and seafaring history back to the viking days. Even today they stand out as the world’s most reputable maritime nation.


Besides a place of worship, all the Sjømannskirken around the world provide a comfortable roof where Norwegians can have a taste of home away from home ie to keep them safe off the streets! But also use for a social gathering place too.


Such a small world, the flutist here studied in Tromsø Music Conservatory in the 1990s. Then Tromsø Musikkskole & Conservatory used to be where I was teaching, but was sadly burnt down in 1979.


Thank you to all, especially to Carmel & friends, Hannah, Faith & her parents, who came to support the bazaar yesterday.

Appreciations for a nice pleasant pot-luck dinner with Clem and Sue who brought enough food to feed an army 🙂 Great to be able to catch up in peaceful and quiet surroundings at Marine Cres, especially when the weekends where everywhere in SIN is like a zoo.


Sun: thank you to Peggy for a yummy popiah (SIN burrito) lunch party in honour of MaryAnn who is visiting from NZ. Like the idea when I can choose the ingredients I wish in my popiah.


Peggy’s Mt Kinabalu and old CHIJ classmates groups. Good to see Janet (PT sis), Angela and Pat. Tkx Angela for her yummy lemongrass fish jelly.


Tastefully presented dried MeeSiam dish brought by one of the guests. Connecting more dotes – 11th aunt Diana (90) was the boss to MaryAnn & Constance when they were all working SIN Income Tax!! Amusing to hear about what they thought of their ex-boss before they knew that she is my aunt 🙂

MaryAnn & Constance, if you are reading this post, you might be interested to check out the posting below.


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