Too Much Action

19 Nov 2015 – Need Some Quiet Time Before Travel

Mon: the sewing machine is out to fix some clothes for the cooler Japan weather. Without the help of this needle threader, there would be no sewing! As it is, it is even tough to see anything with it – signs of aging 🙁

7e62e67e9a_192x272_5e1e8da2dbTue: Miss You Already***Milly and Jess have been best friends since forever, they’ve shared almost everything from secrets, clothes to boyfriends. Their friendship is as strong as ever, and they plan to keep it that way, until Milly is hit with the life-changing news that she has breast cancer. While Jess wants to be there for Milly, she also desperately wants to start a family. Their bond is soon tested by their different fates.


Lawrence&Mabel are in SIN for a few days. Tkx for home-cooked dinner at Les&Ivy.

acc5365c2a_345x518_8388e165c9Wed: Return of the Cuckoo***a film adaptation of the hit TV series by the same name, the movie continues the story where the series left off.

15yrs on, the city of Macau has changed a lot but not the people and their compassion. In a twist of events, Kwan-Ho’s husband dies in a car accident and she reunites with Man-Cho in Macau. Can true love really stand the test of time?


Appreciations to Les&Ivy for this fine dinning at Buona Terra*****where their


Uovo Soffiato, Egg Soufflé with Potato Cream, Porcini Mushrooms and Black Truffle is out of this world – a new dish to me.



Les did an excellent job with pairing the wines with the different courses. Am blessed and if this is paradise, let me stay 🙂


Thu:  started early today hoping to get off at some earlier bus stop to walk to MtE. Just as well I did – a fallen tree was blocking Marine Parade Rd at Neptune Court and no traffic would pass by there. Fast-walked to East Coast Rd to take the bus from there instead.


Everything went smoothly after some minor diversions. Was just relief to be on the bus and as we pass by Park Mall, this sign caught my attention! Talk to a Fire Hydrant????? No not about to waste my limited minutes on my mobile. By the time the bus pass by the Thai Embassy, there was a man lying by the gate, hope that he is OK and somebody called for help.


Blood test went OK. On the way to H&H people were enjoying their day painting here on Middle Rd. Thanks to Aileen for my travel print-outs and for dim-sum lunch at Bugis Crystal Gate***


Was in and out of the Geylang Polyclinics within 2hrs. The Marine Parade Polyclinics is under revamp. Was delighted to catch the free shuttle bus from Geylang back to MP. Consultation + 3 different meds for 4mnd – S$0, completely subsidized. Nice to be a senior in SIN 🙂 🙂

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities ― Dr. Seuss

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  1. Hi James, thanks for stopping by. Is ti getting cold in BOS? here it is hot and humid as usual, but looking forward to some fall days in Japan. Will be celebrating the Thanksgiving in Japan with 2 of my oldest friends.

    You enjoy your weekend and early Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Take good care and stay safe.

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