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25 Nov 2015 – Marine Parade Residence Committee

Fri: TGIF – a wonderful weekend to all. SIN is amazing, this was hand-delivered to me this morning by the MPRC because I am a senior and living alone in public housing

Sat: sewing, packing and stressing out – my walking shoes seemed to have gone on holidays without me???

Sun: got to the airport in time to buy another pair of shoes. Saw a wedding party in T3Basement and asked if they were having a Star Wars Wedding? They were not aware that Star Wars is the theme at present. When I went up to the Departure Hall, there they were! May the Force be with them and with us all. Time and tide wait for no one and I need to ride on the Tiger (RT SIN-HKG-SIN S$265.77)

Change to JetStar in HKG and thank goodness flights were on schedule. Tiger arr 1810hrs and JetStar (OW HKG-KIX S$187) dep  2045hrs, had to go thru’ immigration and recheck in again. Even time for a bowl of wonton mee, expensive and not good!


Mon: JetStar dep on time arr Osaka 0110hrs. Immigration took nearly 2hrs but no worries as the first train into town was not until 0545hrs. Was not about to take a cab as that would have cost as much as my air ticket. Found 4 seats where I could close my eyes and lay down for a couple of hours. Safe with the police station there.


First train from KIX into town 05.45hrs (JPY92- S$11). Good to see PP safe and sound checked into the Swissotel 24Floor for 1night (S$175). Nice morning stroll on this Labour Thanksgiving public holiday. The lines for the 0930hrs movies started before 0830hrs.


Fresh baked goods selling like hot cakes but they was just too much for PP & me. But PP needed her coffee, even when the cup is red 🙂



Finally found where to activate our JR Rail Pass (JPY38,880 S$442 for 2weeks) after being sent around 2 other different stations the whole morning! Only a few stations will activate the pass and you will need your passport to do that. Once activate, you can buy your tickets at most stations.


Osaka Floating Garden and Observatory of Umeda Sky Building (JPY700 S$8+) and the area around it.


Appreciations to Kazumi Kobayashi (friend of Yoshie Osawa) for her kind help and hospitality as our guide for the day!


Unforgettable 12 course meal at Fujiya****(JPY15,045 S$157, our most expensive meal in Japan) to start our autumn trip in Japan.


Tue: train from Osaka to Kyoto (25mins) to meet with #3 and so starts with the 3monkees and their annual get-together and this year to celebrate our 60yrs of friendship 🙂  Delicious lunch at Tousuiro Gion****(JPY2,494 S$30) Kyoto consisting of tofu and veggie.



Strolling for an hour+ in Kyoto before catching the train to Ayabe.


Train from Kyoto to Ayabe (1hr) to catch bus at Oomachi to be picked up to our accommodations – Ayabe Yoshimizu.

Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience – Francis Bacon

12 Dec 2015: edited

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