29 Nov 2015 – Suburbs Of Ayabe


Wed: grey skies and a nice stroll around our farm-house accommodations on the outskirts in this small village of Ayabe. I can breath again in this beautiful nature.


The public hot-bath on the hills app half hour walk or 5mins drive from the farm-house


They serve a good salad with a good view. Here you pick what you want to eat and they weigh your dish and one pays by the weight (minus the weight of the plate). Best pumpkin tempura I have had.


Lovely walk back and side-tracked to one of the many shrines where the old stone-stairs were treacherous to climb up and down.


PP wisely decided against going further after one flight of stairs, while we continued. On our way back, I had to practically go on four down the stairs and one fell, thank goodness, no serious injury and nothing broken! To discover later that there was another safer way there, but it was an experience to climb the old stairways to heaven πŸ™‚


2 nights of farm-cooking with organic produce from Yoshime’s garden were a treat to the stomach. The first night we got to taste all kinds of home-brew, including shark-sake, not my favourite but was appreciative to have been offered and to have tried.


Best mackerel sashimi tasted and the Camilla tempura was interesting

Yoshime drove us to catch our half-hour bus ride to connect to the trains. In contrast to our arrival in the dark, we could now see the lovely views of this country-side. Seemed like we were probably the youngest passengers on the bus. Even I stood up for a seemingly older passenger πŸ™‚

Appreciations to a delightful hostess for this highly recommended wonderful farm-stay. 2nights+2breakfast and 2dinners JPY20,000 S$234. We were undercharged and had to tell her the mistake!

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