Lim Kay Tong

13 Nov 2015 – My Favourite Local Actor


Thu: lunch at National Museum Food For Thought***The calamari-bacon salad was tasty and no matter what anyone says about bacon or any other food – everything to moderation.


My favourite local actor, Lim Kay Tong was also lunching there. Saw him on TV first when visiting SIN in the 1990s with Growing Up**** Forever Fever (1998)**** and this year in 1965**** where he was LKY…

3811cef8a0_192x272_91ebb83db41telling the engaging and touching stories of immigrants and natives during the time leading up to the independence of SIN. The protagonists were a part of history in the making; they become the pioneer generation who live to see beyond the prejudice and fear of racial hatred and ultimately face the challenge of nation building – a mirror reflecting the fragility of racial harmony in our world today.


SIN National Museum never fail to impress me. Really like the way how the contrast of old and new



are jointed together without destroying or demolishing the old.

IMG_6448German Film Festival – Angst Vor Der Angst/Fear Of Fear**Margot knows that the anxieties she began to feel in the last months of her pregnancy and that have become worse since the birth of her child. She loses herself to a crippling fear of fear.

Two nights of Margit Carstensen’s acting is enough!

IMG_6446Fri: looks like another dark German movie tonight – I Only Want You To Love Me. Giving that a pass for something more cheerful and looks like I have broken a finger!!!

About a year ago, during SIN 25th International Film Festival/SGIFF, was unable to attend the last two movies as I was hospitalized. Getting paranoid about film festivals and Fri 13th 🙁

When a man points a finger at someone else, he should remember that four of his fingers are pointing at himself – Louis Nizer

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