46th USA President

23 Jan 2021 –  Welcome President Joe Biden

Wed: Happy HumpDay. This was shared to me by Peggy, a medical doctor friend in Perth/Australia, but do this only when you are far far away into the woods! Funny advice for all males done in good humour – guys, do pay attention. Scenes with the cooler&dryer temperatures and the blooms of fresh spring flowers are tempting me to be a part of them! Pix downloaded.

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more ― Lord Byron

@RafflesHospital to visit an old friend and hospitals seem to be more a frequent place to be visiting lately – just got to show that relatives&friends are also getting on in age and health issues are a part of life! Cannot in the world remember why we pick this font&colour for their logo during my advertising working days@H&H in the early 2000s but do remember that a teddy-bear was featured in some of their first brochures! Pix downloaded

Since in the area, took a short walk to ArabSt to get some fabric to alter some dresses. The selection of fabrics on this street is quite a treat to the eyes for me to sew again, but then the eyes are telling me otherwise everytime I try to thread a needle! Pix downloaded. Tried to stay awake till mid-night to watch the US Inauguration, again the eyes had problems to stay open!!

Thu: Joe Biden (78), became the oldest US president in history and a relief to hear, read&see that the ceremony took place peacefully in front of a heavily fortified US Capitol. He takes office at a time of deep national unease, with the country facing 4compounding crises: The pandemic, the economic downtown, climate change and racial inequality. Wishing him&his administration good luck and the very best for their term ahead. Pix downloaded.



Fri: Happy 19Bday to #1 who is now in her 2nd semester into her U-Freshman year. Pix from 2004 – packing up to rent out the condo in FL. 2019 – when I last saw her all dressed up for 2019HomeComing school dance in SC.


The never-ending paperwork to be filed or recycled and found this box of correspondence (1990-1994) from me to my dad when I wrote to him nearly monthly from the US then. Was surprised&touched that he has kept them in this old Godiva chocolate cardboard box together with

 his British passport, business cards, B/W pix+the negative for the passport+health-papers.

The new gazebo in Les&Ivy’s garden, looking forward to having his BBQ there. Appreciations for yet another yummy AlaskanKing dinner+other home-cooked dishes in the good company of 4medical doctors (Ivy/GP, Les/cardiologist, ChengJun/gastroenterologist, Theresa/gynecologist who made all these delicious food) who have all had their C-19shots! With the CNY ahead and these new regulations, like Christmas, there will be no big family gathering.


Sat: snoozed for nearly 3hrs to be awake for another feast@CC to start off the CNY. The rains made it easy to doze – tkx to Chris for picking me up. Danson only listened in 2016 (KodakMoment pix credits to Maggie) – today he talks non-stop, such a cutie, soon to be 5yrs who tells me he is no more a baby and has obviously learnt&listened well but did not like my fresh fruit-salad!

No worries, seemingly the others liked it.