Light To Night Festival 2021

27 Jan 2021 – An Evening Walk

Sun: belated Bday lunch for Leonard (50). Wanted to try this Mexican joint LowerEastSide on EC Rd as the owner told me that it is not Tex-Mex, maybe he has not tasted real Mexican food or maybe my taste bud has lost the taste of Tex-Mex at this stage in life! Still want to try one of these Norwegian Salmon ATM someday.

Hjem til jul=Home for Christmas – filmed in Røros, one of Norway’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Norwegian TV-series 2S 12E. Entertaining and keeping my Norwegian up to par by not having the subtitles on. Had to turn it on when someone spoke in Danish and or Swedish to not get too lost in translation, especially when a young handsome Swedish dude who can get someone 10+yrs his senior to climax 5times+baking bread, making smoothies, etc so as to let her sleep in – who can resist or not be turned on by such a character?? Pix downloaded

Another well-worth watching Hindu film – Is Love Not Enough? Sir:  a man from a wealthy family falls for his live-in domestic widowed helper. Although he seems to have it all, she can sense that he has given up on his dreams and is somewhat lost. On the other hand, she who seems to have nothing, is full of hope and works determinedly towards her dream. As these two worlds collide and the 2individuals connect, the barriers between them seem only more overwhelming. Pix downloaded.

Mon: @SGH with more appointments ahead – such is life, when there are domino-effects from existing health issues together with a combination of bad genes&aging! Nice stroll to Chinatown to look at the CNY lights, lighted pix to be posted nearer the CNY.

YipYewChong’s wall-mural sure brings back the childhood memory of a similar kitchen@TemenggongRd which I remember so well and also not being welcome there. Kids were told that we get in the way, but it never stop me from going there.

The newly renovated FoodStreet looks nice, but did not have the chance to taste any of the food there. Must ask Victor if he has tried anything there and would he recommend if he has.

HKG chain, TamJaiSamGorMixian/譚仔三哥米缐@ChinatownPoint– a Michelin-approved rice noodles, so the foodie in me had to see what the hype was all about. Had the S$12+bowl with the CharredPepper&SpicesSoup. Tasty soup and the portion was big enough for me to take away for 2more meals (poor Clement, he carried that+desserts the whole evening!!) So if I return in future, will get someone to share with me!!

Decided that we needed to walk after dessert@MeiHeongYuen&after chatting with #6 as he wanted to know what our favourite food is. There were some crew of cameras as we were getting ready to cross from NewBridge-EuTongSenRd. Was told that the guy in yellow is some local celebrity, ChenHanWei, thus took these and actually quite glad that I did as the background lights@YueHwa turned out OK.

The breeze by the river was very pleasant. A new wall-mural (new to me as it has been a long while since walking in this area) at this corner by the bridge of SouthBridgeRd – the 2ppl there are real, just that the pix is not clear! UOB’s artistic OX – looking forward to seeing their red-packages. Let’s hope that this distress looking person will not lock horns with this bull.

A detoured walk to the bus stop stumbling by coincidence to discover that the LightToNightFestival is on and will only last until end of the month! Glad for that detour!

The Arts House

National Gallery

Limited displays but it was such a pleasure not be to in any crowds on this lovely cool evening walk. All the buses I had to be on today were there within a few mins from the moment I stepped onto the stop and had to even change a couple of times too. 

Tue: Happy Australia Day to my family&friends DownUnder. Thanks to JohnLim for his message, now I know better – I and many other Australians (the aware ones at least) don’t celebrate “Australia Day” because it is a day of mourning for Indigenous Australians…it represents 233 years of genocide, murder, rape, slavery, forcibly removed children and discrimination (some of which is still happening today) at the hands of the white colonialists/governments. Many of us now refer to it as ‘Invasion Day’. 

Tkx to Garry for the reminder that I was so lucky to be there in 1983 to watch this most memorable performance in my life in Sydney. No need to do grocery for a while, leftovers from last night will take care of 1day and still plenty of food in the freezer that need to be emptied to defreeze it and return to Calvin.

Wed: In omnibus requiem quaesivi, et nusquam inveni nisi in angulo cum libro=Everywhere I have sought peace and not found it, except in a corner with a book ― Thomas a Kempis