Birthday Week

15 Jan 2021 – What Over 70 Feels Like

Tue: as I leave for my grocery this morning in these wet weathers in between short spurts when the clouds were pushed away at BedokMall. Caishen 財神 God/Deity of Wealth kept a watch over me with a nice hot cuppa while waiting for the shuttle to Tampines Giant&IKEA.

Successful trip to Giant where they refunded S$17+ for the items I forgot in Nov2020. Could not resist this T-shirtS$5 as the OX is my year! Was hoping to get some food@IKEA but unfortunately what I needed or wanted are not in stock – bought this unusual little plant instead. Time to get the dying PoinsettiaS$12 (lasted for~a month) out and this succulent MiniJade Portulacaria afra, Elephant BushS$8 on the table for the CNY. Let’s see how long this one will last?

Yummy Dim-Sum Bday lunch@CantonParadise tkx to Audrey, my first co-worker, student & young friend when I returned to SIN in 1999. She tells me now that I am literally her oldest friend – hahaha. Met Audrey when she was in her mid 20s and somehow I cannot imagine she is in her 40s now! Same with some of my nieces&nephews who are now the about the same age as I was when I returned to SIN in 1999 – but then I am now over 70!! A must for my favourite mini-EggTarts here, but had to take away as we were too stuffed for desserts! Looking forward to our next lunch when I am planning to make Mexican!

Wed: doing some errands on this uncharted territory and less wet day.

Looks like they are ready for the CNY. 

Delicious TruffleWagyuBowl for dinner tkx to Gel. 1st visit to BedokMarketPlace and looks like there are some interesting eateries to try there besides TheBurningOak where we were.

Thu: many tkx to CC management&staff for a day early combined Bday celebrations for Estella, Sam’s father and I.

Appreciations and many thanks to James for harvesting the fresh&yummy mussels&fish, to Chris for driving me to&fro. 

to Estella for excellent Tequila that I sip neat without lime or salt,

to Cece, friend of Estella for this home-made cheese-cake, to Helen for the beautiful roses. Collage credits to Helen and pix credits to all who sent attachments via message or WhatsApp.

SGH the whole morning from 0800-1300hrs on different scans, finally located what they were looking for, Hyperparathryoidism. Managed to dozed in 2 (30minsX2) of the longer scans! Surgery is the next step – nothing too serious but should be done before my metabolism gets more unbalance, as it is there is too much calcium in me discovered thru’ a few blood&urine tests from last year! 

Bday dinner@MadameFan (1st visit but will not be my last), where the fish was steamed to perfection and the DrunkenChickenSoup was up to par with my mother’s which I have not tasted since she passed on in 1965. Interesting and a new taste – JasmineTea Smoked-Ribs where the meat practically melts in your mouth. Tasty AugergineTofuClaypotwBlackBean&Chilli and WanTanBlackBean BeefHoFun was a different taste to the regular BeefHoFun.

The former BritanniaClub (1950s) and then the NCO-Club (1970s), now reimaged to present days, but still carrying some nostalgic of the colonial days. Good food&excellent service, the best service experienced so far – highly recommended. One of the waiters must have overheard our conversation about it being my Bday and we were pleasantly surprised with a complimentary plate of Longevity paus 寿桃包

You know you’re getting old when you get that one candle on the cake. It’s like, ‘See if you can blow this out – Jerry Seinfeld

To my family&AT hiking buddies, Glenda&Franklin from NC/USA, thank you for your beautiful flowers, calls&messages to end the week. Am sooo totally blessed&spoilt this week!!