Last Homecoming For #1

30 Sep 2019 – Irmo High School

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. The trees have grown and so have #1-5. Nothing stirred except the mistress of the house&Zuno the dog who welcomed me with his wagging tail yesterday morning before 0500hrs. Blessed&happy to reunite with the family.

Tkx to Linn, was able to stay in the AC-cafeteria and had more than a few bites provided for the faculty. It was way too hot&humid outside before the sunset and both my head&heart were not happy with me.

Would think that I could gather my flock for a family pix@Irmo HighSchool with #1 representing the XC-Girls in the Homecoming-Court! Somehow #2 seemed to be camera-shy for this round!!

Am told that there will be other Kodak-Moments, but interesting hair-dos caught the attention. Being awake since 0400hrs this morning, needed to take leave with Jeff (who is on-call this weekend)&#3-5 just after half-time. And just as well as the score was 7Home and 40Guest!


Sat: last Homecoming game (last night) & dance (tonight) for #1 – she will graduate high-school this summer. Nice to see #1&2+their dates all dressed up and blessed to have such beautiful grandchildren inside-out+all angles and with a sense of humour – here they are showing their running shorts in case they have to run away! Somehow out of 6, #5&6 are the ones with darker hair and am still convinced about the recessive genes on the maternal-side of the family, but probably way far back.

Sun: while the flock is at church, took the opportunity to prepare a salmon lunch. Sun is the only day of the week that we can gather together for an more elaborate meal, other days will be just simple home-cooked dinners. Love cooking for them as they like my cooking and always eat up nearly everything I make for them.

At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict, or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, a parent – Barbara Bush

da297e5b174c5b21eddf480796aa056f--cleaning-humor-prince-charmingMon: goodbye to Sep 2019, Oct is going to pass by quickly in a household where activities for 5grandchildren are quite a handful. Thank goodness #1 drives and she can help getting those younger ones around. The grocery, cooking&cleaning up after me is all I can handle nowadays!

Bought this tree at some thrift store a couple of years ago and Linn commented that it would be perfect with a dog too. Took another year looking around for a black dog, but found only a brown one, so a black marker came in handy – now if only I could get pix slotted into the frames.

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