‘Go Raibh Maith Agat & Slán’

26 Sep 2019 – Hello Orlando/MCO, FL/USA

Mon:  May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again. Appreciations to Mick who drove his car ahead to lead me to the airport and to Ann who sat beside me while the rental car found its way back to EuropCar. EUR425 S$645 full insurance coverage (considering the flat+looking at the hub-cap, am sure glad I took full coverage!) inclusive tax, etc for 2weeks of app 1,600km drive using app EUR105 S$165 in gas. Arr in good time to get things sorted out (invoice reimbursed for the flat tyre), breakfast&shopping at the airport.

Been a while since in this airport watching that my checked-in bag being loaded during a slight delay before take-off. Uneventful DUB (catching up on flight-time) – CPH (1+hr on transit, just enough time to catch the other flight and arr on schedule) – MCO on NorwegianAir NOK2,956 S$460. Tkx to Jim for meeting me at the airport, the only airport I have worked in, but memories are getting blurred here.

Pix credits to Francisco for this areal pix of  Lake Howell HS. WhatsApp was invented by a LHHS-grad. Bet he was the guy who made the anonymous donation to make LHHS what I see in this pix! There is nothing there I can recognize from L&M (HSdays 8yrs total) where I practically lived then!

Tue: appreciations to Jim&Lisa for putting me up in their beautiful home – this screened porch is a reminder that I am back to places with bugs&mozzy!  Where my SIN HDB – pubic housing one-third of the size of this house and there I paid the same as what this house cost! Just goes to show the difference of the value of property!!

Life@The Springs, a gated community in the luxury of Wekiwa Springs – SpainishMoss always amaze me even though it is an invasive parasite and eventually kill the trees they grow on.

With the wild inhabitants in this surroundings, life is peaceful not getting caught up in the rat-race, but one still has to be aware&cautious with the bears (have been told that they are in this neighbourhood).

Lunched@Zoës Kitchen and Italian-Ice@Jeremiah’s which is new to me, CaffeLatte+Chocolate a good choice for flavours in this hot weather.

Irish Smoked Salmon (bought in DUB-airport), grilled scallops+mixed veg dinner, tkx to Jim&Lisa in good co of their friend&neighbour Norm.

Wed: tkx to Jan&her aunt Lily for lunch co@Another Broken Egg Cafe – delicious Brie&lobster omelette+fried green tomatoes.

Dinner@Café Tu Tu Tango

Artist paints as you eat at this funky tapas joint.

Tasty food but on the salty-side and the heart was not happy…

The only moon tonight is this profile-moon to Lisa&Jim for their kind hospitality and such fun being driven down I-Drive&I-4 in her convertible MiniCooper. I-Drive is now a total tourist street with the world’s largest McD – Peabody Hotel&MingCourt are no longer.

Saw the sign The Holy Land Experience and was told that it is a biblical museum. Looks like some major spaghetti-junction constructions on I-4, doubtful that I will see the completions and no, do not want to be the driver driving there, have always dreaded having to drive this interstate.

The life’s work of Walt Disney and Ray Kroc had come full-circle, uniting in perfect synergy. McDonald’s began to sell its hamburgers and french fries at Disney’s theme parks. The ethos of McDonaldland and of Disneyland, never far apart, have finally become one. Now you can buy a Happy Meal at the Happiest Place on Earth – Eric Schlosser


Thu: tkx for Mexican dinner to Terry&Dee. Catching the Amtrak from my favourite train station, WinterPark/FL.


And no, did not stand on any of the tracks to take these pix…

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