Rugby World Cup 2019

22 Sep 2019 – First Rugby Match

Thu:  long drive from Ballyshannon along LoughErne on a misty Thu morning, clearing up to a beautiful day to Portrane.

Appreciations to catch up with Stephen (cousin to cousins Lock, Yun&Chai – once removed cousin to me!!)&family, but missing Trish who had to work when I got in. Chinese dinner and a fun pub-quiz (first time for me) with Stephen&Mario. Tkx to Stephen&Trish for putting me up, the only hotel@Portrane being fully booked.

Fri: TGIF – day catching up with Stephen and a daylight pix of last night’s pub. Waited to say hi to Trish as she was working until 1500hrs before heading back to Kilcloon. The last fam pix of them was in 2012, 7yrs ago when StephenJr was 5, but did not get to see him this time round as he was not well.

Was soo totally lost around the airport on the way back – counted at least 8planes landing during a bumper-bumper traffic! Back safe&sound@Ann&Mick’s before dark and a yummy fillet-steak dinner@Caffrey’s.

Sat: located app 12k W of DUB and about 20mins drive from Kilcloon is this charming&delightful village – Lucan.

Tkx to JohnK for lunch&the introduction to Carrolls Gastro Pub, good pub food. The pie was more a stew with a lid, but was tasty. Good to catch up with JohnM&Pauline who have just moved back to DUB after being stationed around SE-Asia& the MiddleEast.

Interesting to know that Pauline’s grandmother once lived in this clock building (opp the park) where she used to visit in her childhood days – do wonder what this tree trunk used to look like then?? Found my way back to Kilcloon without a single wrong turn with the GPS.

Sun: the rains were visiting when I was in dreamland last night and it is still ongoing when I woke. Started with an Irish Coffee followed by Irish Smoked Salmon breakfast with Mimosa@Caffrey’s watching my first rugby match in an Irish pub with Ireland/27 beating Scotland/3 for the 2019 Rugby World Cup held in Japan. Way to go Ireland for making my last day of this visit a great one.


Perfect rainy day for packing&snoozing in the afternoon – the sky cleared in time to head to Maynooth for dinner@StoneHaven. The steak Mick had cooking on a hot stone was yummy, but was not hungry enough for a steak after having meat for dinner the past 2nights – Ann&I had fish.

Rugby is a game for barbarians played by gentlemen. Football is a game for gentlemen played by barbarians – Oscar Wilde


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