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3 Oct 2019 – LAM Without The B

It’s a myth that generally Asians are mostly vegetarians. The Japanese are the kings of red meat, but it’s expensive. The Chinese and Vietnamese love their pork. Many Indians, especially the Muslims, can’t live without their lamb – Wolfgang Puck

Mon: without a car and no public transportation here, time to read&chill. Enjoying the Colombia Metropolitan Magazine, getting good Southern ideas for the Fall. Today’s menu – veggie fried-rice with meat o f the side from Sunday’s left-overs wild-rice.

Tue: a cuppa@Starbucks/TrenholmPlaza, tried their new Sous Vide Egg Bites made with Cheddar & Peppers Diced ham with roasted red and green peppers, inspired by the classic Denver omelet – quite good, but would have been better with a touch of tomato ketchup! Nice to catch up with Sarah who is just back from the UK and is originally from the UK, Linn’s running friend who once qualified for the Olympics. Today’s dinner menu, veggie paste+garlic-bread (to carbo-load the runners for tomorrow) with meat on the side.

Wed: this household starts their day before 0500hrs with #4&5 on their school bus before 0700hrs.  Driving onto the sunrise this morning as the school-bus for #3 did not show, drove him to his MiddleSchool, #2 to her Orthodontist and getting the car home in time for #1.

XC meet was hosted by ChapinHigh@CrookedCreekPk in 99ºF/37ºC, 65%+humidity is no joke. #3 looked as red as a lobster, but did finish his race. #2 did not run due to previous injury and #1 was running+pacing herself for practice, ie not racing – amazing and total respect to these young ppl for running while my head&heart were throbbing uncomfortably just walking in these conditions.

Did not get to explore the area except to walk across this bridge to the start&finish line. Tkx to Cindy for driving and for Caesar’s pizza dinner.


Thu: another hot day in the forecast – best to stay indoors in the AC and drink lots of water. Leftover pizza+taco for dinner. Record Heat Today and Friday, Much Cooler By The Weekend. 


3 Happy Bday CHONG SiongYin

6 Happy Bday David WONG

7 Happy Bday Leslie LAM

8 Happy Bdays Larry LAM, Audrey WONG and KONG HengSun

12 Happy Bday Karen SCAF-BENHAM

13 Happy Bday David YUNG

16 Happy Bday Patricia LAM

21 Happy Bdays Steve LAM & Dee HALL

27 Happy Bday Ellen HALD sr

29 Happy Bdays LAM KwokLock & Kiera CHUA

31 Happy Bdays Adeline LEE, Mark BOROWSKY, Haley (40th) and Happy Halloween

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