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11 Jan 2021 – Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Fri: evening drinking&snacking in good company@CC. Pink pomelo from MP market was juicy&sweet, appreciations to Desiree for the recommendation. Jan tells me that she can get pomelos in FL/USA. Tkx to Calvin for the Helinox pillow (new item in the shop), perfect gift as I was planning to buy it for my chair. Movie&snooze time in this chair are now tailored to perfection and will not need any other chair.

WilkieEdge, opening of a new restaurant/La Jia, do wonder how they can maintain F&B business in today’s circumstances. This cute cleaning robot got my attention!

Was not there for dinner, but could not stop admiring the all these colourful congratulatory flowers for the opening. Tkx to Henry for the CoffeeCake@Han’s which hit the spot for the sweet tooth. Appreciations to Lisa in HI for her thoughtful gift  (received today) to make sure that my teeth are supplied with toothpicks for as long as there are teeth in the mouth.

WilkieEdge on Wilki Rd reminds me of cousin Wilki in HI who always stay@Citadines service apartments next to this building when he visits. It was Nov2019, 1+yr ago he was last here with his bro David+2 of his loyal students from HI, Huang & Kim. Trust my cousin Wilki to pick a place on a road named after him – hahaha

Sat: Thank you to YusoffAbdulLatiff who has featured 5Temenggong Rd in the Jan-Feb 21 issue of Passage, newsletter of the Friends of the Museum. It is quite exciting to see the house where I was born and grew up in here. Looking forward to Henri&Reis’s book&website on TemenggongRd. Just a minor correction, RG1LAM SongKee is my grandfather, not father as stated in the caption.

Tkx to Les&Ivy for scrumptious dinner last night@Angie’s Oyster Bar & Grill – shellfish starters and roast beef done to perfection with wines to match the meal. Both the oysters&mussels were good &fresh, but slightly on the salty side. So if you are like me, do request them to go easy with the salt. Appreciations to Lee&Adeline+Isabella for the ride back to the EastCoast.

Sun: pleasant snoozing weathers last night and still raining today, got ~9hrs sleep, feeling energized for the next event which will start the week of Bday celebrations! ShangriLa Hotel – the Tree Canopy, a ceiling art by HirotoshiSawada (Japan), featuring thousands of metallic leaves. Compressed sculptures of Children Dabbling in the Water were sculpted by YiHwanKwon (Korea). Mistaken them as stools at first-sight – thank goodness I did not sit on them!

Tkx to Clement for HighTea, yummy&pretty-presented food in good company. It has been 7+yrs ago (Dec2013) since I was last in this location with the other AmyLAM! cousin from CA/USA to meet with another cousin, JoyLAM – both from granduncle LAM JeeChiew’s branch. 

Mon: receiving early Bday greetings, so might as well start celebrating as tomorrow is promised to no one and who knows what tomorrow will bring! In the meanwhile, let’s eat, drink&be merry. Here is a fun challenge to see how many National Dishes you have tasted –

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