8 Dec 2020 – Hyperparathryoidism

Fri: tkx to the help of Calvin, Chris & Andy, this mobile wall-bottle is finally corked with the collection from my bro, Calvin & Andrew over the years! Christmas gift to Campers completed. Cheers-  tis the season to eat, drink and be merry.

For my own 4walls, do not have the energy or mood to get out any of the decorations besides the hand-embroidered AdventCalendar made years ago and have decided to use it to learn to say thank you in 24languages. My host of 11GuardianAngels are always here, but this time as a reminder that there are only 2Fridays left to Christmas which will be a very different one without the usual family gathering. Appreciations to KK for the 1stChristmasDinner with Les&Ivy, KK has trained his helper well to make yummy healthy foods. How decadent to have coconut-water severed in this beautiful glass from Turkey+saucer from Iran.

Sat: somehow I should really get the decorations out, but the thought that they have to be put away in less than a month got me sitting in front of the screen, talk about laziness personified! Watched The Queen’s Gambit E1-7 and enjoyed it.

The Stranger E1-8 British mystery thriller series written primarily by DannyBrocklehurst kept me guessing who the murderer could be after guessing that Corrine was murdered.

Sun: on this 2nd Sunday of Advent, light a candle for PEACE and may you find PEACE in your life’s journey

Tkx to Clem for this Sunday’s Peranakan lunch@TingkatPeraMakan/ARC – for overseas families&friends, Peranakan or Nyonya foods are a blending of Chinese+Malay ingredients&cooking techniques, uniquely in SIN, Malaysia&Indonesia.

Cantonese/Chinese DimSum@CantonParadise –  we all thought that these piggy Salted Egg Yolk Lava Buns oozing with cholesterol, were cute, thus ended up here for tea. My favourite place for EggTarts are from all the CantonParadise outlets. Somehow these one-bite size with just the perfect consistency yummy filling taste in the flakey pastry is exactly how I like them best. Clem ordered the AvocadoPudding, but there was no hint to any taste of avocado! maybe they got mixed up with Pandan? being the same colour!!

Mon: an afternoon@SGH for my Hyperparathryoidism to check for the results of the ParathroidScan from 2weeks ago, but the scan could not pick up the problem even with another scan done today. More appointment and this time@NuclearMedicineImaging on my Bday! Oh well, no emergency and time will show. Should never have had that cuppa in the courtyard! kept me awake until the early hours into Tue!!

Just missed the 196bus and had to wait 15mins for the next – had to pee so badly and Fullerton Hotel was a convenient stop. 

Both Fulleton&RafflesHotels are my favourites for their Christmas decorations here in SIN. These old colonial buildings have characters and fortunately they also know how to decorate appropriately for the seasons.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Everywhere you go…

Was thinking of having a piece of cake, but instead this exhibition caught my attention. Collected stamps in my younger days, and still do like looking at them, so it was wonderful to see the postal history here today,
especially when I can remember buying stamps here across the tiny gates over the counter (pix downloaded from MITA). Such a different era when snail-mail was the norm and pen-pals were the way to go to have contact with oversea strangers – the anticipation when the mailman brings the mail.
Need to return for another look when not so tired, and then a cuppa with a piece of cake or maybe finding time&mood for HighTea in this old colonial-days luxurious ambience.
Tue: discovered this link with beautiful things, could shop till I drop here –
Grocery@Giant/Tampines (savings with Senior+PassionCard~S$5). IKEA is still out of the HoneyDillMustad. What a nice coincident to bump into SYin on the shuttlebus back to Bedok. Actually have not seen or heard from him for awhile and only a few days ago, I got to update his mobile#.

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