Christmas Lights 2020

3 Dec 2020 – Orchard Road

Sun: 1st Sunday of Advent, Happy 14thBDay to #3 (pix credits to Linn), the only one from my flock of 10 born in SIN besides myself! 15thDay in the 10thMonth of the ChineseLunarCalendar (if not too cloudy, look up for the moon tonight). 

Mon: great to meet up with Reis&Henry from TemenggongRd who will be writing a history and setting up a website of that road and the ppl who lived and still lives there. Looking forward to be a part of that.

Tkx to Calvin for providing this board and to Andy for getting this mobile wall-cork-board@CC to a bottle-shaped@CC last week while it is a total mess on my desk behind in my 4-walls. Today will need to start on corking the bottle – time will show where this will lead. So far do have a rough idea, but with long experiences, also aware that it might turn out differently.

Tkx to Helen for a bite and appreciations to Helen&Sam for the OrchardRd walk tonight. As beautiful as they can be, I can never understand why they are unable to keep to the colours of Christmas – red, green, gold and white??? 

Considering this year’s circumstances, this is a good message from Tangs.

My favourite for this year is this charming winter village. From the walkway, this humble and unassuming tree caught my eye and as we were passing it, I noticed the tiny houses and decide to walk up the stairs here at Wisma. Was delightfully surprised by this village with a moving locomotive. Nice to see such a tasteful display.

Mandarin Gallery

313, just noticed that the star on top of the tree looks like and angel when taken at this angle – had to enlarge to see that it is a star! Also a Ben&Jerry’s, wonder if they have my favourite CoffeeCoffee flavour?

OC with the moon over the OrchardGatway overhead pass and Paragon.

Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand — Dr. Seuss

Tue: grocery shopping@Giant/Tampines, but unfortunately what I wanted were no more. Snail-mail season greetings out in the mail, hoping that they will arrive in time. Appreciations to Calvin for dinner@OwlBrews, dessert@EC Pk under the beautiful full moon to discover that this location, CoffeeBean@MairneCove opens 24hrs.

Wed: first Christmas lunch with HS&Boon’s cheerful company@NewGreenPasture/Vegetarian. Favourite VietnamRoll, first tried years ago and still like it, and now another new favourite, BambooRice. Tried all these drinks and like them, especially the Roselle Tea

Dessert@Merely’s/SunshinePlaza, ice-cream made from scratch – tried the KopiPeng flavour today and it hit the spot as I have not had my coffee this morning.

Thu: if you are thinking of visiting this temple be prepared to stand in line! Looks like some kid lost their grasshopper sticker on this sidewalk – cute!

9 happy Bday Stanley NEO

13 Happy Bday Ingrid HUSTAD

16 Happy Bday Andy LAM

19 Happy Bday Rita Tann

21 Happy Bday ANG ChinSheng and Anna TSANG

23 Happy Bday Minos LAM

25 Merry Christmas

27 Happy Bday Lisa XIAO

28 Happy Bday Peggy LEUNG

31 Happy Bdays Jordan&Jagger WONG

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