National Library Board 2020

13 Dec 2020 – Happy St Lucia’s Day

Wed: got caught up with another Netflix-series thinking that it was only for oneSeason. How wrong can I be when Sweet Magnolias E10 cliffhanger ending left me in suspense – that will teach me to check more thoroughly before watching another series! Serenity, SC is a completely fictional town, was wondering how I could have missed a place with that name after all the years I have been visiting and driving thru’ SC? Also it was filmed in GA, not SC and based on a book by SherrylWoods. Pix downloaded.

Thu: donated my father’s LAM TinYue(1911-1996) old B/W photo albums (1920-1950s)+various original documents to SIN NationalLibraryBoard/NLB.

Sharing one of the pix in one of the albums (1920s-30s) – former General Post Office, now Fullerton Hotel. Notice how he used photograph corner-stickers – really classic, classy&tasteful against the black background. Wished he kept using them, but unfortunately he changed to glue in later years, making many of the old B/W photos to turn yellow. 3 of the original documents with the origin real postal-stamps.
Appreciations to MeiChenLEE&NLB-staff for taking care to preserve the LAM-Heritage for future generations who might have an interest – copyrights are still mine and NLB has been notified and they can be shared for research&educational purposes, NOT for monetary or for profit purposes. Tkx for the tea, looking forward to tasting it.
Fri: 11Dec – Happy International Mountain Day and the quote from J Muir makes me miss the being in the mts – The mountains are calling me and I must go but can only dream&imagine for now. The materials are donated and out of my hands, am still struggling to get gifts, etc ready before the rush for the seasonal socials, etc.
Sat: @SingPostCentre to do some shopping since I was in the area to meet for dinner.
Appreciations to Ting&CH+Bev for good company with my 1st experience@Providore. Good to be able to meet up for our annual Christmas gathering, this time not within my 4-walls. Lack of energy to host&clean-up nowadays. Tkx for all the yummy edible gifts, the best gifts to receive.  Delightful cool&wet evening dinning outdoors under the shade.
Sun: 3rd Sunday of Advent and Happy St Lucia’s Day. Have not made Lucia boller since moving away from Norway. Bought a packet from IKEA to taste, not enough of raisins, but being not a fan of raisins, it was OK for me. 

St. Lucia Day marks the beginning of the Christmas season and honours the memory of St. Lucia, who was persecuted and eventually killed after she was accused of smuggling food to Christians living and hiding in the mazes of underground catacombs below the city of Rome.

Saint Lucy (Lucia) of Syracuse was a young Christian martyr who died during the Diocletianic Persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire in 304 AD.  According to legend, she converted to Christianity after an angel appeared to her. Lucy dedicated her life to Christianity and started giving away her family’s wealth to the poor and needy. She was betrothed to a man from a pagan family and when he heard that Lucy was giving away his dowry, he reported her to the authorities. Refusing to honour the Roman gods, she was put to death.

The tradition dates back to 1764. Travel writer Rick Steves writes, ‘the Scandinavian version of the legend is that a young woman born of rich and noble parents – dressed in a white gown with a red sash and wearing a crown of lingonberry twigs and blazing candles – traveled from one farm to the next in the early morning on December 13th. She carried a torch to light her way, bringing baked goods to each house, returning home by sunrise’.

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