18 Sep 2020 – Sad News

Tue: walking from my place to PP off the main road, but still having to cross StillRd to get there. This tree by MPCC is right after exit10B/ECP on StillRd – could hardly believe my eyes as this is the first time to see these so many beautiful KengHwa/EpipyllumOxypetalum (tkx to Bian for correct name) in bloom. 

It is amazing that you can get a hair-cut for S$3 (for members) or FOC on Tue if you are 65yrs+. Have been getting my hair cut@this location for many years (used to have another name, but do not remember what??) and satisfy with it. Not a member, but I usually give whoever is cutting my hair S$10 and let them keep the change.

Before getting the grocery ready, a cuppa with a piece of ChalkFarm’s GulaMelaka. Yummy, rich&sweet, but slightly on the heavy side for my taste.. By the kitchen sink after a weekly main grocery shopping – fresh produce washed and getting ready to pack them ready for storage in the fridge, should last me for ~a week.

An interesting pix taken with an angle directly straight down from the kitchen window of a papaya tree. Wild fires on all 3US western coast states, Hurricane Sally approaching in the South – pray that it will be quiet on the East! To deny about climate change is like being an ostrich. All those in the way of the fires, hurricane, etc, plx do take care and be safe.
Golden MIle Hawkers Food – looks like a good place to try, but was not too hungry then. Another time when in the area, but has to be before Dec as it will be closed for renovations. Chicken curry noodle n chicken rice at the basement corner stall and claypot rice on the floor above were recommended by niece&nephew.
Lines into this car-park not only for the food, but there are also some HBD blocks here.
Crossing the overhead bridge to check out this Heritage Restaurant, FolkLore@DestinationHotel Beach Road, but it was closed due to that the location being used for quarantining!
Thai dinner at GoldenMile@BeerThaiHouse – have enjoyed the food here previously, but somehow they seemed to be more salty tonight, or maybe my taste-bud is more used to home-made foods nowadays and that have less salt.
Wed: trying to inquire about the S$5 deal mobile access for Seniors, but alas, do not qualify for it. The ppl at the CCs were most helpful. Ended up at IKEA to do some shopping, the free shuttles were really not in time this afternoon – in future will only use these scuttles in the mornings when they have been on time for me the past few months.
Thu: 4th sis-in-law GG4Chang PohKit(1937-2020) took her last breath today – she has been frail for some time and was fed thru’ tube. Condolences to my bro Steven&his family and may she now RIP. She will be missed – the last pix together with her family at the CNY2020reunion dinner and a clearer&happier pix of her from CNY2011reunion dinner.
Fri: wake@SIN Casket
Life is for the living.
Death is for the dead.
Let life be like music.
And death a note unsaid― Langston Hughes

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