Wake And Funeral

21 Sep 2020 – And A 3-Digit Birthday!

Sat: Judy, Daisy, Clement, Stanley&Darryl performing their duties with dignity, receiving families&friends, etc. Am there to help whatever I can do while bro Steven is unable to be here. 4th sis in law was practicing buddhism and her family will carry out the rituals with the chanting, etc for the wake&funeral.

The burning of the paper mansion#6683 with a deed+helpers, car+chauffeur, and all the paper gold folded for 2days will be waiting for her in her afterlife.

3male members of the family here dutifully set the fire after the chanting and everything was burnt in less than 5mins – now ready for her.

Sun: funeral@MandaiCrematorium where I usually pay respects to my parents at the same time – the cremation halls are just a stone throw from their niche. And this time to inform them to be ready to receive their daughter in law.

Yummy DimSum lunch@CantonParadise/WestGate

The next step is new to me and the only other time I was along with a buddhis funeral was at Lam ChengChwab, but then I did not really understand, so today I learn more. While the deceased can remain buried in a cemetery or ashes can be at the columbarium, scattered at sea, family altar, etc, there is also the tablet/name, which can be placed at a family or ancestral altar at home or at some temples. 


NIrvanaMemorialGarden, conveniently located opp all the cemeteries! provides niches, name/tablet and all kinds of bereavement care at a certain price!! Building pix is a model of the building which is still under construction.

 The lobby looking like a 5*hotel lobby!

The family has decided to have her name/tablet here and the ashes in MandaiColumbarium where one can pay their respects in both locations in future. This has been an educational experience to learn&know about the rituals of a buddhis wake&funeral with nieces, nephew&grandnephews.

Tkx to Stanley for all the driving and a view to his lovely new bachelorette apt. Good luck to his job-search here .

To a more cheerful note today, Sun20Sep2020 – Happy 100th Birthday to maternal 10thUncle TSANG YanChuen (tkx to cousins for their family pix), youngest&only survivor of mother’s siblings – not often can one celebrate a bday with 3digits! Appreciations to Anna for this get-together with maternal cousins, KarLeng&Henry, Winnie&Francis, 2yrs ago in Toronto/Canada, tkx to Yun for driving that day.

Mon: after a good night sleep, time&rest are important to gather&reflect clearer objective thoughts&memory so as to be able to put the word+images into this post, especially for Vincent&Ann+Andrew who recently emigrated to Australia and are unable to be here in SIN – hugs, prayers&thoughts to them.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal…