Bills & Passwords

14 Sep 2020 – 19 Years Ago

Fri: how can anyone forget 9-11-2001? In memory of  those 2,977victims+19hijackers(2,996) who lost their life in 2001, 19yrs ago today and with thoughts&prayers to all who have lost their loved ones&friends.

Happy Bdays to bro Steven&cousin MayY in Canada. A visit Steven@UMC Home with a view of a church&an Indian Temple. Rules are stringent under these circumstances and rightly so. Only 1guest per day and not more than 30mins. Nice to see that his appetite is good, finished 2large pieces of the PandanChiffonCake (his favourite, also light&easy to eat)+a mini Mooncake and a bottle of water+a can of GreenT. But sad to see that clear signs of dementia has taken over. Do feel for my nieces&nephews who have to deal with one parent in a home and the other one at home counting her days.

BukitMerahCentral HawkersFood

Did not get to try any stalls, will do so the next time here, but during times when there are no lines as these! Pix of stalls are from the longest lines – food must be decent or good at those long lines!!

Sat: CC Season has started for #2-4, and will miss not seeing #1 in these races! Appreciations for updates from Linnso many good things today. Irmo girls were runners-up and boys 4th at the Falcon Invitational. Sophie ran her first ever XC meet and came in 15th with a big PR! Irmo Middle School boys ALL had PR’s in the middle school 3200 meter race! I have the most fun job in the world! 

#1@UofSC Campus grounds and happy to hear that she likes her classes. #5&6 are still in elementary and both are 9. This year I will not get to see #1, 3, 4&5 and it will be the first time I have gone a year without visiting them.

Sun: on this lovely wet cool rainy Sunday in SIN I am going to change my password that will take 15billion years to hack according to 2600-TheHackerQuarterly. Has been wet&rainy all weekend, perfect for movies, not remembering any of them. So, how do I even expect to remember a new password??

Love, justice, sincerity, and respect become the password of your inward and outward life, always remember that; otherwise, you cannot log in, accurately your life ― Ehsan Sehgal
Mon: time for a hair-cut and to settle bills – topping up MRT card/S$100, new tank of gas for cooking/S$37. A tank usually last me for ~3yrs and this last one last ~1yr+6mos, just goes to show that I am in SIN and have been cooking more than the normal. Also the AC needs to be serviced.