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6 Sep 2020 – Tiong Bahru Market

Thu: today 3Sep2005, 15yrs ago we completed the AT-ThruHike ~3,500k in 127days. Appreciations&hugs to my CandyAss group – Karen/MissWiggy, John/Gadget & Mike/T2. Our group was& will be probably the only ppl who carried champagne, delicate finger-foods+ a change of clothes to celebrate, thus earning the nick-name CandyAss! Was even asked by someone then if we were celebrating a wedding and if we were, it certainly would not have been mine – hahaha. 

Very likely this will be my most memorable hike where new good friends were made on this path. Thank you to all TrailAngels, supporters&fellow-hikers on my AT2005path. The journey of 1,000miles begin with 1step and I will add that all journeys begin with 1step.

Many tkx to TAYMin for FairPriceVouchers/S$20 and an interview to her study information for Senior Travellers. Happy to share my experiences over a cuppa@TiongBahruBakery. Good luck to her project and looking forward to hear about her China travel experiences. This brought back some memories from 8yrs ago when students NG SieYen, SEOW KiaHui and WU Shiyan from Nanyang Technological University NTU/SIN did their final year project on Active Aging.

TiongBahruMarket, one of the oldest hawkers in SIN always bring back good memories of childhood days where mother would do her grocery shopping here. Of course now it looks nothing like what it used to. Check out the link below.

These are the stalls I have tasted and like and there are so many more to try. A good&interesting link with more stalls&the history about this location.

Fri: Happy Bdays to 2nd-born, May and to nephew Vincent who has now emigrated to Perth/Australia with his family. Also Happy Teachers Day to all teachers. Being an x-teacher at one time, do know that it is not an easy job. A good parent is the most difficult task follow by being a good teacher and having been thru’ both roles and sometimes linking to each other can be quite a challenge. Schools are having a break for the coming week –  will stay far-far away from where ever the crowds are.

Home-made prawn salad lunch in my 4-walls and dinner@Jo&Michael’s+Sue with Les&Ivy – yummy BakKutTeh&fish (would probably look like that if someone tries to eat me!) delivered from OldTiongBahruBakKutTeh.

Sat: Happy 9thBday to #6 and this will be the last year counting his age with 1-digit. Looks like there will be no more new grand-babies to cuddle&snuggle up with and probably not around for great-grands! Great Piñata, I would have used all my strength to smash it into non-existence and then fly over there to give him the biggest hug.

Wet & lovely day with Clem&niece to celebrate the day in the TanjongPagar area – have been awhile ago since last in this area.

Lunching on seldom Mexican food@Guzman y Gomez – OK Tex-Mex

Dessert at The MarmaladePantry and no, did not taste their LemonMeriguneSpongeCake, but their CaramelizedPearBreadPudding with sea-salt caramel sauce and French vanilla ice cream was delicious.

Sun: a visit to 4th sis-is-law who was muttering most afternoon until I was about to leave. Was letting her know that I was leaving and asked if she recognized me and she said the one&only word we all heard recognized in Cantonese and I saw in her eyes and would like to think she did recognized me. She is blessed to have such wonderful filial children Vincent (who has recently immigrated to Perth), Judy, Daisy&Clement who are taking good care of her at home.

Appreciations to Clement, Daisy&Darryl for dinner@Le Shrimp Ramen/StarVista, first time tasting this yummy shrimp broth noodle and first time at this location. Dropped Darryl back to camp and also first time dropping anyone off to camp.

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