National Day/ND in SIN 2020

11 Aug 2020 – A Long Weekend

Sat: DIY Popiah++lunch with Sue, Clement, Daisy&Darryl+Leonard. Do recommend this fun&tasty foods from Fortune Foods/FF who conveniently prepares&delivers all the ingredients. Just have to display or leave them in the plastic containers they come in. Good that all the basic ingredients are there, but I bought extra prawns&crab-meat which really add to the taste, making it a Luxury Popiah.

Sun: Happy 55th Bday SIN, my birth-country that is 15yrs younger than I am!! To Grace&her group, enjoy&cycle safe on these crowded paths, which are way beyond my limits today, but it would have been another story 15yrs ago with the AT Thru’Hike. Good memories and decided to be a trail angel with donuts this morning for this group of young ppl who will be cycling 50-60km.

EC Pk main paths were crowded, but knowing the area so well, could always find some quiet side or back paths.

Feeling patriotic while watching the ND-parade on TV happening at various part in SIN. All pix taken from the TV-screen

Not knowing how much food to expect, first time ordering from FF, ended up with way too much yesterday – left-overs for ppl to dogging-bag and items that can be be frozen went to the freezer. Called them this morning to cancel some items for tonight’s dinner at Les&Ivy’s. Since everything is freshly-made and the order was not until tonight, they were good enough&service minded to accommodate the cancellation. 

Mon: a public holiday here. Got quite excited upon reading this from Irene – if you’re interested in being a guinea pig, especially if you’re in the older age group as I am, here’s how to let them know. Those interested in taking part in the trial can contact the SingHealth Investigational Medicine Unit at or call 6323-7544/8318-0685. Then I got down to the part where it states that Subjects must be healthy, with no underlying medical conditionsthere goes the idea to be a guinea pig!

Tue: A Letter To The Municipal Of Troms/Norway by Morten Hald – my ex-bro-in-law, L&M’s Norwegian uncle, Professor in the Department of Geology, Dean at Faculty of Science and Technology in the University of Tromsø. In this letter he explains why they should NOT build this Arctic Center Resort which will destroy much of the natural reserve and wild life in that area, an area which also means much to me too, and I agree with him 100%.

Once destroyed, Nature’s beauty cannot be repurchased at any price – Ansel Adams

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