7 Aug 2020 – Marine&Parkway Parade

Wed: saddened by the news with 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate were detonated in massive blast in Beirut/Lebanon. It was reported that this was an accident due to negligence which has cost the life of 137 and injuries to 5,000+ and not to mention the pain to families&friends effected on top of the COVID-19. Condolences with prayers&thoughts are to all affected, no words can express this helplessness feeling again.

Thu: shopping around for curtain hooks/S$14 and found them@Spotlight/PlazaSIN. Bought a serving plate/S$6.65 &storage container/S$14.25 on sale and knew that they will come in useful – prefer the glass or metal containers than plastic.

Back to MP/PP to check where AngKuKuet/AKK (RedTurtleCake) &SoonKuet/SK (TurnipDumplings) can be bought in this area. Tkx to Desiree@Lens Man, found SK@JianBoTiongBahruSK in MP FoodCentre, both AKK&SK@BengawanSolo/PP, but SK not available there on Sun&public holidays. Will have to get them in both places on Sun – red&white colours are the perfect local foods to represent the SIN flag.

Was not planning on lunch but it is such a seldom time that I can get both Winged-Bean&LaLaClams on the same day from the same stall – XingLong Food/MP. A productive day – did not realize how tired I was until the 1800hrs news came on, and thinking that I was with it until the eyes opened and it was 1900hrs! A whole hour of napping, hope that it will not interfere with tonight’s sleep!!

Fri: TGIF –  had a decent night sleep! Good long NationalDay weekend to all. Getting the flags (all complimentary from different packages over time) up since they have been in storage over the years. Also adding some colours to the common corridor, especially this year when we really need some cheering up!

Has it really been 7yrs ago hiking UKc2c 27Jul-11Aug2013: England UKc2c 309km/192mi thru’hike in 16days. That also mean that 7yrs ago when hair-colouring stopped – vivid memories from that day when hiking thru’ Richmond.

Planning to do a solo-walk, SINc2c 36km over 2-3days sometime before the year is over. Prefer walking&hiking paths with no back-tracking (unless lost and have to back-track to not get more lost!). Also doing it on weekdays and hopefully not so many ppl as it was during the last couple of weekend walks with Grace. This sign@MacRitchie NatureTrail walk on Wed29Jul recently got me thinking about the SINc2c

2020 has so far been a tough one for many but we just have to do our best to help each other to move forward. Humour with letters&words all brilliantly scrabbled from a post over a decade ago. Even as we age and the eyesight+many other parts may deteriorate, humour does not need to. THE EYES – THEY SEE

The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter – often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye ― Charlotte Brontë

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