Hello August 2020

4 Aug 2020 – Bukit Timah Hill/163.36m

Sat: hello Aug, the month to get patriotic and ready for SIN 55th National Day – how patriotic?? considering that the one&only NDP attended was in 2014 and have no intentions of ever going to another, hahaha!  https://amylamsg.com/2014/08/10/ndp-2014/

You’ll never have a quiet world till you knock the patriotism out of the human race ― George Bernard Shaw

Grace’s walking pace is too fast for me, will be injured if I try do keep up, trying to do some sections with her and then improvise to suit my own pace&ways in these humid hot tropical weathers. Grateful to her for including me, getting me started and keeping me updated. 

Sun: being Sun, would not have be in time to walk with Grace if bus&MRT are my mode of getting there, tkx to Calvin&Sam for picking me up 0630hrs to head to BukitTimah NatureReserve VisitorCentre, not even sure when the last time here? We were supposedly to meet at 0715hrs, but then with more than 5 in Grace’s group, we (Calvin, Sam, Sofia & I), decided to go ahead. And as it was they were still waiting for more ppl…

CC owns all 6vending machines here, but good to be guided around by the boss! – not that we needed anything!!

Steep walk for me up to the summit – after meeting with Grace&her group here, headed down towards DairyFarm. From Paul I think the tree is poking its tongue out at all of us: “see what a big mess you have gotten yourselves into? We’ll be here for millions more years after you guys are long gone. Goodbye and thanks for nothing! And I totally agree – nature does not need ppl, but ppl need nature.

Tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean – Dr Seuss/The Lorax

Lost count of how many steps down, but kept hearing someone behind saying 1,000more steps – trying to concentrate on the steps&breathing so as not to fall was my priority! 

Nice on the green soft trails except that being a long weekend, there were many ppl in addition to that, we pedestrians have to share part of the paths with mountain bikers, and some of the riders are really into speed!

Thought this place BukitPanjang CommunityGarden looks familiar – was here to visit TingTing’s UrbanFarm&Barn with cousin Yun from Toronto during her Nov2016’s visit and have not been back in this area since. TingTing has now moved out of this location back to her parents’ farm, looking forward to visiting.  https://amylamsg.com/2016/11/12/welcome-29/

Caught up with Grace&one of her groups@Chestnut ObservationTower – decided to go our separate ways. Headed to a different loop to get a Grab on BangkitRd by ChestervaleCondos back to the car parked across the road from BukitTimah VisitorCentre. The driver nearly drove off when the car-door was still open and I was not even properly seated in the car, thank goodness no bruises or broken bones. And ppl wonder why I prefer the bus&MRT!

Today’s distance ~7+Km/3+hrs took a long time to walk up BukitTimah Hill, connecting with other trails to  Zenghua NaturePk, Chestnut&BukitPanjangPC – overall a good break from the concrete jungle&the hustle and bustle that is SIN.

Wonton roast-pork noddles+an ice-coffee hit the spot for brunch.

Appreciations to Calvin&Sam for getting me to this seafood wholesaler (EvergreenSeafood, 94E JalanSenang S-418442) in the middle of the most unexpected residential neighbourhood where I could get real-proper crabmeat/frozen for the DIY popiah small gathering over the NationalDay weekend.

Mon: the thigh muscles definitely feel that they have been doing stairs – ouch, just goes to show my unfit condition&shape. Discovered this roasted beets and it is absolutely delicious (ie if you like beets). Had it with a roast-beef salad and for me no salad dressing was necessary here as the beets tasted good with the salad.

Tue: nice cool wet morning to start the day with my weekly grocery shopping. Takes a whole day to do this when Giant&IKEA are where I choose to shop at today. 2hrs with public transportation+waiting time to&fro, including the free shuttle from Bedok – today it was exactly on time! Then to clean, cook and freeze food for the week. 

1Aug – Happy Bday  CHENG HongTong
4Aug– Happy Bday Candice TAY
9Aug – 55th SIN National Day
10Aug – Happy Bday LAM JenWee&Alvin NG
21Aug – Happy Bday LIM SiewChin
26Aug – Happy Bday Cindy LAM
29Aug – Happy Bday Sean KENNEDY
30Aug – Happy Bday Michelle ANG

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