Marine Terrace Hawkers

21 Aug 2020 – Hungry Ghost Month

Mon: OMG#1 is off to college today! Has it been that long ago I drove her mom to UF/1993! And then a visit to welcome her in OK/2002. Wishing my precious KTbug all the best to a new chapter in her life@UofSC.

Just goes to show how much I like playing with food, even just for a single serving when alone! And no, I do not do this for every meal, only when the ingredients&the mood are there – pix from a collection over time. When preparing for myself, will use bare-hands, but will use disposable gloves when preparing for company. 

Makes it fun to prepare the meals (ie if you have time on your hands) and more appetizing, even if it is only a snack. 

Tue: early morning breakfast&grocery at local wet-market&Giant@MarineT. Appreciations to Gel for brunch co and to SPgroup for electricity meter maintenance who were here before 12n and done within 5mins.

Wed: today starts the HungryGhostMonth until 16Sep. Those who know me know how I feel about all these rituals – whatever your beliefs, enjoy but do NOT harm or intrude on others and the surroundings! The never-ending of beliefs, faith and hopes triumph over logic and reality again – Our humanness makes us vulnerable and we all seek solace in different ways. I suppose it depends on the devils that haunt one from life’s experiences that determine what manner of solace we choose.

This is what is so annoying when ppl do not clear&clean up after their mess – not only it is unhygienic, but also an eye-sore, even to the spirited-world, unless they are blind! Hope that those who have caused this kind of mess will get all kinds of signs&messages from the other side telling them to clear up.

Besides notes from the Bank of Hell, nowadays it is even possible to buy paper meals! thus no need to leave real food out attracting the creepy crawly!! But of course there is still the issue of pollution when all these paper stuff are burnt!!! Surely there can be a solution in our modern high-tech to project or beam all these, paper goods, etc without having to burn or put out real foods!!!!

Thu: local post office@MarineParade moved to the basement@PatkwayParade making this the 2nd move since living in this neighbourhood. If the lines are long now, can at least be in the AC-mall instead of having to stay outside when there were lines at the previous 2locations! International postage (SPF with B/W VWbug. my last car) has gone up again (S$1.40) while local postage (Goldfish&Durian) seems to have gone down (0.30c)??

Fri: TGIF – this morning’s conversation with a couple sharing the table are from Woodlands and have come all the way to my neighbourhood to eat. Good idea to start getting recommendations from others to visit different hawkers around the island. Some pix of the hawker stalls I have tried and would recommend@MarineTerrace, less than 5mins walk from me. 

Those serving@MP Coffee&Drinks (husband&wife team+a helper) know me well enough that no words are needed from me to get my order, probably the only white-hair senior who would order an ice-coffee even at 0500hrs – hahaha. Enjoy your weekend.

One of my favourite humourous ghost quotes that I have been using for the last 3decades! True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen – Francois de La Rochefoucauld