Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

16 Aug 2020 – Infant Jesus Homes&Children Centres/IJHCC

Wed:  A Happy Hump Day to all – 7yrs have gone by quickly and 7yrs ago, completed 16days thru’hike 309km-UKc2c. Today, hopes&plans to do a 2-3days thru’walk 36km-SINc2c sometime before 2021.

Being not familiar with this area, and do not even remember when was the last time here. Today’s lunch appointment – way too early when the bus stop @CoronationPlaza/BukitTimahRd, decided to remain on the bus67 to see how far this joy-ride could take me? After 10more stops, got off@KingAlbertParkMRT, crossing the overhead bridge to the bus-stop to backtrack and lo&behold what do I see@this bus-stop!! – a sign for the SINc2cTrail, coincidence or what??

Delightful staircase with over-grown green foliage creeping on to the stairs. Crossing the overhead bridge remembering how this canal often flooded during heavy rains and causing traffic stand-still on BkTimahRd in the 1950s-60s.

Somehow, this is meant to be and signs do pop up in various ways if we take time to be aware of them. Will need some help to plan SINc2c walk as a charity walk for InfantJesusHomes&ChildrenCentres/IJHCC – nothing to do with religion for me, but in memory&dedication to the nuns who have crossed paths with me during my convent school&teaching days.

SIN/StTheresaConvent (1957-1961)&CHIJ (1962-65). Pix of now&then downloaded.

Ireland/BalbriggenLoretoConvent (1972-74). Pix of now&then downloaded.

Usually am not in SIN this time of the year and also this is the first time to be asked by StTheresaConvent1950s&CHIJ1960s class-mates to join their annual Bday lunch for Maria who is now Sister Maria ( the only one of my classmates who is a nun). Do remember vaguely crossing paths with her&sisterD 20yrs ago when taking care of the IrishGrads/IGAS functions.

Was waiting at another Thai eatery in the plaza, which looked interesting, but was not the same as Thai Noodle House which was not in the plaza, but across the road from it where we were supposed to meet – Better late than never.

Thu: the welcoming early morning down-pour helped to cool things down, lets hope that this will continue to be a cool day – has been hot hot hot the past week and even had the AC on to sleep the past few nights – usually the fan does the job. Today is a stay-in day for me. Urine has to be collected for 24hrs to be tested for Hyperparathyroidism/overactive glands in the thyroid. Hoping&praying that surgery is not needed.

Fri: another morning with downpour today on the bus196, changing to 75 and then the shuttle (all under shelter except for getting on and off the buses) into SGH to deliver the urine and blood tested, all done within an hour excluding transport time! Like the Wall of Hope on the way by foot to OutramMRT station walking underground to Chinatown to pick up some food, continuing on by bus to Clement to pick up more food that he had purchased for me from IKEA.

Sat: 0545hrs to catch first bus16 to DakotaMRT, changing@Bishan to Kranji. Arr there 0715hrs enough time for a coffee&sandwich while waiting for Alyssa, Fabrizio & Grace. Kranji War Memorial to discover that it was closed to public as there was some private event – forgot all about today being 75th Anniversary Ceremony of Japanese surrender bringing WWII to an end.

My late maternal journalist 8thUncle, EddieTSENG (1915-1988), was one of a handful of reporters aboard who witnessed the signing and was THE very first to report the news to the world.

Lovely big trees surround the grounds where the tombs of BenjaminSheares and YusofIshak are located just outside the War Memorial.

Continuing in hot humid weathers thru’ industrial area on hard concrete pavements (not my favourite kind of walk) towards Kranji Reservoir&Dam which I never knew of its existence! Learn something new!!

Hardly anyone here at the reservoir with the over-grown greenery around the lonely bench. Crossing the dam where fishermen (this camera is not the best to get the dragon-fly on zoom!) were enjoying their Sat on this dam with hazy views to our neighbouring country, Johore/Malaysia where it seems like a mirage against the contrast from the side of SIN green-wetlands. 


Crossing the dam and the rest of the way to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve/SBWR was narrow and on some sections with no walking paths, making it rather dangerous when the bigger vehicles past by. 

The first wetlands reserve to be gazetted in SIN(2002), and its global importance as a stop-over point for migratory birds was recognised by the inclusion of the reserve into the East Asian Australasian Shorebird Site Network. The reserve, with an area of 130 hectares, was listed as an ASEAN Heritage Park in 2003. And I have not been here since the opening in 2002 – the section where we entered is new.

Do like the design of these new structures+look-out points&boardwalks on the new 31-hectare extension.

Abundance of wide life sighted today including 2horn-bills. Am sure glad that the snake is up the tree away from the path –  after seeing that, slipped&fell (nothing broken or bruises) and lost my group – for real. HornBills&snake pix credits to Fabrizio.

Can never get enough of these mangroves. What a pleasant surprise to cross path with SengHock who is an excellent photographer. After chatting with him for a few mins, happy to reunite with the group, was about to give up on them.

Lucky to get a cab for a revisit to PoisonIvy@Bollywood (must be over a decade since my first visit) for lunch. Without reservations, the wait was 1+hr, the group went on to KanjiMarshes and I stayed to chat with Ivy on the phone. This place has really extended since my first visit when Ivy’s house by the pond was new&the only building then, open to just empty grounds.

Today the house is fenced in with all kinds of beautiful flowers, trees&vegetation grown on the grounds.

Nice relaxing lunch (had the fish of the day) and did some shopping. Could never resist the TorchGinger flower for my salads. The cookies were delicious and such a good idea with these newspaper re-cycled bags. Shuttle S$1Seniors, $3 for others to the KranjiMRT was packed in the pouring rains.

Left my 4-walls at 0530hrs this morning and back 12hrs later to clean up&crash after app12km walk today.

Sun: need a quiet day to rest, do laundry, gather my thoughts&clear the mess within the 4-walls after such a busy week.

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