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17 Jul 2020 – Marmot Sales

Tue: Happy Bastille Day to all celebrating. From Gloria in Paris: it was a wonderful parade today – though without the grandeur of the usual Champs Elysées spectacle. Very touching shoutout to the country’s medical personnel. One of my favourite downloaded pix for this day.

Wed: Campers’Corner to check out the sales. 40% off all Marmot brand is a good bargain but did not find my size for the pants. Instead got this HoudiniMessageCarrier (not on sale) to try out this Swedish brand. Nice to catch up the the CCcrew with popiah&rambutans from my neighbourhood – Aloha insulated-bag did a good job keeping the popiah warm.

Clement managed to get some good deals@the sales. Would have like to dined in LittleIndia for Indian food, but considering the present circumstances, decided to dine at this unusual name for Thai food@MackenzieRd. Tasty GreenCurry/chicken, Fried PorkBalls and TomYum Soup/seafood. Dessert@McD/Bugis for my favourite artificial-flavoured banana ice-cream now back again. Nice breezy evening walk.

Thu: what a fantastic summer project for #1-5 with mural paintings@their paternal grandmom’s house. Thanks to Cindy for the pix and how they have grown. #5 has stretched, #3&4 are now as tall as #1&2 who had foot surgery for a navicular stress fracture and had to have a screw put in her foot where the bone won’t heal, still on crutches – speedy recovery to her. It will be unlikely that a visit to the US this year will be possible and that means I will not see Jeff, #1, 3, 4&5 in 2020.

Today 12Auntie Winnie in HI/USA turns 92 and 2Sis-in-law, originally from KotaBahru/Malaysia is 81 and they both look well when I last saw them/2018&2020. Somebody is renovating in this block and the drilling&hacking are giving me such a headache – well 20yrs ago, some ppl would have felt the same when my unit was under renovation! Getting on the ear-phones on for more audio-books&movies is the solution unless I go away from these 4-walls, but not in the mood to be out.

Fri: last few days to pick up 2free masks – from today till 19Jul23.59hrs, residents of SIN can collect a free mask kit consisting of 2reusable white MaskSafe DET30 masks from vending machines in some bus interchanges and PlazaSIN. The machine facing OrchardRd was out of masks, had to get it at another machine at the side of the building – line was long, but orderly&moving fast, unless you get caught with ppl who do not know what they are doing!! Took the opportunity to pop into Diaso&ArtFriend where one can always find something one needs! ColdStorage for some more than the ordinary foods!!

Facial recognition software can pick out a person in a crowd, but the stupid vending machine can’t recognize my $bill with a bent corner…

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