Epic Walk With Grace

25 Jul 2020 Park Connector Network

Fri: TGIF and with the hacking, drilling&renovation work ongoing until 11Aug, might as well try to join Grace’s walk tomorrow as the noise is giving me a headache. Running errands&collected CDCvouchers@MPCC on the way to PP. Pleased with those vouchers amounting to S$50 and used my first S$2@MP Market for ChickenRice topping S$1.50 in cash as no change will be given from those vouchers.

Could not resist this Kipling pack with 40%discount (S$83.40)@Isetan – only other Kipling is a wallet bought 20yrs ago when first returned to SIN and it is still in used. Also needed this light weight UV umbrella (also 40%discount S$29.00), the old one bought in Japan 10yrs ago gave up on me. Stocking up mozzie repellent from Watson’s to be prepared for the walk – an early night tonight to catch the first bus tomorrow 0545hrs connecting to the MRT.


Sat: The Epic SIN Walk with Grace (not just a person but also the adj for me in this case!) who walked the HKG 100k MacLehose Trail with me in Mar2012 (5days) and now, like many of us are stuck in SIN and unable to travel. Have been thinking about walking around the island when all the ParkConnectors/PCN are completed to connect around the whole island, but in the meanwhile, will attempt some of these PCN since Grace is doing the logistics for this 300km+ of the PCN. Oh well, time will show but definitely not pushing it and taking one day at a time. 

0545hrs – the first bus to catch the CircleLine from DakotaMRT arr KentRidgeMRT 0650hrs to meet with Grace, her parents (Mr&MrsGoh)+another Grace&Alyssa to walk towards KentRidgePk.

KentRidgePk – where there is even a mt-bike trail. 

Easier to get a shot of the habour side/towards the West on the path than with the sun right into the eyes on the CanophyWalk – view of the Interlace condos/ towards the East, to the city.

HortPark – Antigonon leptopus (common names: Coral Creeper, Chain of Love, Hearts on a Chain), a fast-growing climbing vine that holds via tendrils. MrsGoh told us that the delicate pink flowers can change colours, thus also gained the nick-name False-Heart here in SIN! Actually the flowers will turn dull pink&eventually brown as they age – but that happens to humans too!! Glad to see that OSSEA still has their plot here. Is this a Chameleon? and if it is, this reptile is the one who changes colour to fit into the surroundings, so how false can it be, especially when it was making eyes at me, hahaha.

AlexandraArch and down by the main AlexandraRd passing by GillmanBarracks. These fire-ants bite can really sting, memories from childhood days, amazing how they can get these leaf to stick together for their home.

Edited 31Jul: not sure who took the arch pix with Grace’s&my back?? – had to enlarge to realize that it was actually me and not due to bad eye-sight or imagination!

BerlayerCreek&BukitChermin Boardwalk to&from LabradorPk where the DragonTeethGate is located, but these cocks&their admiring flock of hens do not seemed to be bothered by any dragon or ppl. Oncosperma tigilarium/nibung, this fascinating tree with all the needles on the trunk is certainly not my choice of a climbing tree.

Passing by all these luxury condos and the old dry-dock, now another waterfront to more condos on TelokBlangahRd.

Beautiful flowers captured on the way.

KentRidge&Hort+LabradorPk ~10km/10,000steps according to Grace.

Seah-Im FoodCentre, do not even remember when I was last here! The Assam fish was delicious and the fresh lemon-sugarcane juice hit the spot. Was planning to take the group to MtFaber via TemenggongRd, but the sky opened up, so not meant to be. That section of the Southern Ridges (excluding LabradorPk) was done in 2008. Tkx to Grace, the whole of Southern Ridges including LabradorPk is now completed today.


Distance changes utterly when you take the world on foot – Bill Bryson/Walk in the Woods