Coney Island

27 Jul 2020 – North Eastern Riverine Loop

Sun: public transport starts later on Sun and would not have made it in time. 0615hrs cab from MarineCres-SengKangMRT (S$17) meeting 0700hrs with Grace&Ibrahim. From SengkangMRT station heading on foot towards SengKangRiversidePk to discover an impressive hospital (as long as I do not have to be there!) and a new temple in the midst of the HDBs on the way.

Was not even aware that there is a PunggolRiver and was pleasantly surprised by the flora&life there.

Punggol area, along sections of the NorthEasternRiverineLoop

Punggol-PC, flat hard concrete surface 

crossing SINC2C (will try this trail some other day)

looping around PunggolPont

towards Coney-Island

Finally stepping foot onto Coney-Island for the first time and on 2+km of softer grounds. Took the middle path, might do the whole island when time permits – but for now, another item on my bucket list to cross out!

Serene and tranquil – lovely nature, saw a few BuahCherry/Aratiles/Sarisa trees with flowers, so maybe a revisit when the cherries are ripe, ie if the birds do not get to them first!

Ten Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Coney Island Park

LorongHalusPC – passing by a bicycle parking surrounded by overgrown vegetation after lockdown. Lovely greenery with beautiful blooms and bird-watchers with $$$$cameras by the various coastal promenades, wetlands&waterways.

While Grace&Ibrahim took another path with 2km extra, I headed straight towards WaterwayPoint, meeting a resident crossing my path who was not the least bit bothered about being patriotic for the upcoming NationalDay!

There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people ― Howard Zinn

Never even knew of the existence of this mall, but a good place to stop for lunch – thought it was called PunggolMall, but knew I was at the correct location as PunggolMRT is here. Decided against the next sections which were back-tracking, or boring urban links. ~4+hrs walk of uncharted ~15+km for me today, the calf-muscles on both feet are not happy with 13km on hard concrete grounds. This too shall pass and will have to pass for tomorrow’s walk, but hopefully will be able to stand up on the 2feet to join the next walk!

I think self-discipline is something, it’s like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the stronger it gets – Daniel Goldstein

Mon: tkx to Alvin for an interview to his new KatongBook, looking forward to see it published. Have been wanting to try this CheeCheongFun (located@MarineTerraceMarket) made from scratch and it was a delight to taste such paper-thin, smooth&silky rice noddle roll – highly recommended. Also had a bowl of congee+condiments and that too, was good, will certainly return to this stall.