Post Election

13 Jul 2020 – Done With Spring-Cleaning

Fri: GE day and public holiday for ppl to vote from 0800-2000hrs. Voters aged 65+ will be given 2hrs windows from 08.00-1200hrs, and may be accompanied by a household member. Seniors who are unable to vote during their allotted time slots in the morning can join priority queues at other times of the day. 

Due to the heightened safety measures, lines were long, thus having to extend the voting time to 2200hrs. Too tired to wait for the results and was in bed fast asleep before mid-night.

Sat: 96% voters in this 13th GE, polling time extended two more hours last night – GE is now over with People’s Action Party/PAP winning again the majority, and the opposition Worker’s Party/WP strengthening in some  GroupRepresentationConstituency/GRC.

Winning or losing of the election is less important than strengthening the country – Indira Gandhi

No offence to anyone or any countries&parties, but a post-election joke to put a smile on your face regardless of who or which party you voted for. Would like to think that a balance of everything is the best way to go. There is a danger to lose balance with too much of anything and that is never a good situation to be in.

Sun: did not mange to complete the cleaning&greasing job in 2days, a case of the mind is willing but not the body. Job done today with the help of many enjoyable audio books in between the news when the eyes&hands are busy doing other things than just being glued to the screen. 

Like the Lorax
The Lorax speaks for the trees
Books are made out of paper. Paper is made out of trees.
What about e-books?
We can speak for them too.
Audiobooks speak for themselves ―  Paul Acampora

Located in a conserved shophouse on JooChiatRd, SIN Peranakan heritage district, Sinpopo (Local Artisanal Restaurant) heritage menu with a twist, a fusion of  local dishes for the most discerning palates. Have been wanting to try this place ever since it started  into this neighbourhood in 2013 (the same ppl who started&continue to run Awfully Chocolate, also born in Katong in 1998). Will be back to try the other dishes.

NasiLemak set for 2, not quite your traditional NasiLemak but still cooked in the traditional way. The rice infused with pandan and coconut is steamed in a muslin cloth so that the grains of rice are whole and firm. Served with a soft-center egg with their own AssamOnionRelish, IkanBilis Sambal, HarJeongKai Wings (tasty), pork-belly marinated in LamYu (red fermented bean curd), luncheon meat crisps (Ma Ling brand), a side of RojakSlaw and Sambal Fishballs – interesting and tasty combination.

KatongJelly – a favourite from the 1960s brought back, lemonade, agar agar, soda and more. Good&refreshingly tart. PandanKaya Cake – fragrant kaya custard, between blue pea flower-tinged glutinous rice cake layers. PulutHitam Cake – black glutinous rice cake layers paired with coconut cream and gula melaka. Appreciations to Clement for this new taste experience. 

Mon: body, especially the stomach will need to rest after last week’s spring-cleaning and last night’s dinner. Nice cool rainy day to keep the eyes on the screen today! Thank you to Campers’ Corner and to Chris for dropping by with these washable face-mask.

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