American Cuisine

4 Jul 2020 – Happy 4th From SIN

Thu: good time to reflect&review with the cultures&foods of the countries lived in the past 7decades. It is amazing how I do now&then miss a good burger, IrishStew&IrishCoffee and Norwegian fresh fish when back in SIN for a long period. Without food we will not survive and since we have to eat, might as well eat as healthy as possible but also to enjoy what we eat. We eat to live, and living to eat makes a full circle!

Having worked&lived in these countries, Ireland (10yrs), Norway (11yrs), USA (15yrs), today in SIN, but still consider Ireland, Norway&US as my home too.

A House is made of bricks&beams
A Home is not a place – its a feeling
Home for me is where the Heart is no matter where in the World I am

Fri: appreciations to HS&Boon for lovely co&yummy dinner@GuanHoeSoon Restaurant – started in 1953 by Yap CheeKuee@185 Joo Chiat Road, GuanHoeSoon (named after his three sons, KowGuan, KawHoe&KowSoon, is the oldest Peranakan restaurant in SIN and LKYs favourite.

Sat: Happy 4th to all celebrating – pix of 4Jul past, 1988US-CrossCountyDrive, 2005ATthru’Hike, 2013OSL/Norway&2018SC/USA.

Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness – Martin Luther King Jr.

American Independence Day on 4Jul, a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of USA (1776) as an independent nation which solidified the American colonies’ resolution to fight for their independence from Britain. Memories of L&Js dog Gator who would hide in the corner of the inner bathroom whenever the fireworks started, poor doggie, may she RIP. Hope that Zuno is not so afraid of the fireworks.

American Cuisine – have heard some ppl saying that USA has no culture or cuisine, I totally disagree. Have enjoyed different culture&cuisine from the various states I have lived or visited. Burgers can be tasted in all 50states, my favourite being where I can order as to how I wish the meat to be cooked (medium) and what I want with it (LowCarb, ie no bun) – Fuddruckers when in SC. Too many other foods to mention here (check below link), picking my favourite top3.

KeyLimePie (Florida/FL) – the official state pie of Florida, this sassy tart has made herself a worldwide reputation, which started in the FL Keys, from whence come the tiny limes that gave the pie its name. 

SheCrabSoup (SouthCarolina/SC) – a rich creamy soup, made of crab or fish stock&cream, AtlanticBlueCrab meat, and traditionally crab roe, and a small amount of dry sherry added. It may also include such seasonings as shallots or onions – a bowl of this can be a meal for me, so will usually go for a small cup as a starter, even then it is enough for me.

Jambalaya, Cajun&Creole (Louisiana/LA) – the root of the word has many proposed origins: maybe it comes from the Provençal word jambalaia, which meant a mishmash or mixture. Maybe it comes from the Spanish jamon for ham, with paella (a popular Spanish rice dish). 

Pix of Les+his whole family from Devon’s 8Bday last month. Tonight’s dinner@Les&Ivy to celebrate the 4th – a seldom pix of just bro&sis, tkx to Kat. Took me sometime, but finally manage to locate the US flag with the red, white&blue decorations for a mini RedVelvet Cheesecake from Twelve CupCakes to mark the day.

Also found some old B/W pix of Les&I from 1950s&1960s.

Nice to catch up with Kat&family, here dining on delicious roast lamb prepared by Les with a bottle of Cristal champagne, forgot to check the year, but be assure that any Cristal champagne is good and 1994 Chateau Mouton Rothschild – in wine paradise every time I get wines here. For me this is the life, family, good friends, delicious food accompany with wines like these.

A successful gift from JaniceWong, edible chocolate crayons+rice paper – have always wanted to write my own secret message and eat it up. Devon&Eliot have grown and will soon think these kind of gifts are cheesy, but for now, this moment just hit the spot. 

If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself ― George Orwell

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