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1 Jul 2020 – SIN – A Food Paradise 

People’s Action Party flags seen at Marine Terrace on June 27, 2020. A total of ten flags were seen in the vicinity on Saturday. Photo: Nuria Ling/TODAY

Mon: what do I see this morning but this large pix of my back!!! Had no idea that this was taken of me taking this pix yesterday, appreciations to Leonard for sharing. 


Only in SIN can you eat decent&good world-wide ethnic foods on an area of 721.5Km²(279.6SqMi ) island – Chinese (8different cuisine), Eurasian, EasternEU, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Mexician, MiddleEasten, Peranakan, Russian, Thailand, Vietnamese, Western. 

Where Chinese cuisine is concerned, it is so diverse that even I have not tasted all the 8regions. Living with grandparents&parents from Kwangchow 廣州 region for the first 15yrs of this life, thus Cantonese food was my staple diet then. Most overseas Chinese eateries are based from this region – DimSum being the easiest for most taste-buds around the world, something I know that I can introduce to all my oversea visitors and they will like it.


Thu7Jan2021: edited with the below link – Food is Heaven


Have asked the younger ppl here what they considered is the real SIN-dish that all from or living in SIN know off – Chicken Rice, followed by BaKutTeh  肉骨茶 which translates from the Hokkien dialect to MeatBoneTea, and like many foods, the variety and the taste can be slightly different depending on what one is used to or like.

Peranakan/Nyonya Cuisine (uniquely SIN) – descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled around this area combining their foods from the Chinese, Malay, Javanese and other influences, which can be tasted only around this part of the world – Popiah (SpringRolls, not deep-fried) being my favourite.


Malaysian Cuisine – where all of their dishes are Halal with some of their dishes intertwine with the Peranakans, but with differences. Satay is another dish that most oversea visitors like. 


Thai Cuisine – their dessert buffet@ThanyingRestaurant/Amara Hotel is as colourful&tasty as it looks. Do enjoy the TomYum soups, as long as it is not too spicy. OliveFriedRice and GreenCurry with BabyEggPlant (look like green-peas, a must for me!).


Vietnamese Cuisine – favourties being Pho with plenty of fresh basil and GoiCuon (RicePaper Shrimp Rolls) preference is with Nước chấm (FishSauce), not the peanut, but with plenty of fresh basil again. This must be the most healthy diet from all my favourites, not oily and nothing fried.


Let’s eat what we enjoy, cook the food of other cultures and share them as widely as possible. The only pre-requisite for said enjoyment is respect, and to learn from our differences.

Tue: body is still struggling to adjust without a gallbladder. Grocery Senior%Day (today’s saving 0.60c) – with a cuppa first as it will take the whole morning to wash&package the fruits& fresh produce after purchase to last thru’ the week. A small packet of Calamanis, and a teasp is enough for a dish to enhance some of the local foods to my taste. Bye-bye Jun, amazing how half a year has passed up. The above 3pix+ThanyingRestaurant are the only ones from me in this posting, most are all downloaded. Have not had much opportunity to wander around to take pix, and also it is soon time for a new camera!

Wed: HKG Special Administrative Region EstablishmentDay. Establishment Day, formally the HKG Special Administrative Region Establishment Day (Chinese: 香港特別行政區成立紀念日), is celebrated annually on 1Jul in HKG China since 1997. With today’s situation, do wonder about what the future will be for this One country, Two system???

While here in SIN, the battle now begins today as we head into General Election campaigning post NominationDay. All 93seats to be contested 10Jul2020 election; 192candidates from 11parties file papers on NominationDay.


Hello Jul – 6months without any travel, and so far have survived thru’ COVID-19, CB, 2traumatic hospital stays. A day of errands@PlazaSIN to ArtFriend, ColdStorage, Daiso, Spotlight, all conveniently located under one roof with the bus-stop (only bus stop I know of with AC units!) directly outside and DhobyGhautMRTstation in the basement. 

The mood for a small bowl of Vietnamese beef Pho hit the spot@NamNam/PlazaSIN. They were out of the Prawn RicePaper Rolls, so an ice-cream cone from McD for dessert ended a perfect evening. Appreciations to Clement for company&dinner.

4 Jul – Happy 4th
14 Jul – Happy Bday Keith and Happy Bastille Day/France
17 Jul – Happy Bday Nancy Bowman
19 Jul – Happy 22nd Anniversary Linn&Jeff
20 Jul – Happy Bday David Yeoh
21 Jul – Happy Bday Albert Chua
22 Jun – Happy Anniversary Dike&Mark
23 Jun – Happy Bdays Lucas&James


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