Addition To The Family

5 Apr 2019 – Welcome George LAM JingZhi (2019)

Tue: getting to be more human after another goodnight sleep! Laundry, more or less cleaned and washed, just airing and drying properly before putting them away.

Appreciations to cousin Calvin for the invite to nephew George’s 1month dinner. No matter how tired, needed to be there to update the family tree. Here with Amy (George’s mom/cousin ChengChwab’s widow), 11Auntie, 16Auntie, 17Uncle&Auntie, 18Uncle&Auntie and cousins Calvin (Brisbane/Australia)&Sara. Sorry to miss cousin ChengEn (Shanghai/China) when he was in SIN and I in HI.

Bus to the BotanicGardens Station to connect to a free shuttle to The Grandstand (Old Turf-Club) with good memories from the heydays of the 1950s – could not find any decent pix but this one with my oldest friend Peggy&I standing on one of the stairways and looking down onto the race-ground. Did not have the heart to take pix of the interior, now looking&feeling like a deteriorated run-down GhostTown.

8-courses scrumptious dinner@AhYat Seafood Restaurant here –

no prizes for guessing these dishes and the last 2courses+dessert 🙂

Wed: sounded and looked like it was a wet night last night – no complains and woke to another new cool day – April showers bring May flowers. Time consuming to gather some old B/W pix from the 1940s-50s to share, the house where I was born and lived for 15yrs.

And the views&surroundings from #5Temenggong Rd. Will edit one of the TemenggongRd postings with more pix and captions when I am more organized.

Thu: craving for a bowl of prawn-mee and thank goodness my favourite one, Beach Road PrawnNoodle 美芝律大虾面 the branch@EastCoast is just down a block of TelokKurau Rd. Prices are up from S$10 to $12!! Tkx to Gel for lunch company and also for taking this folding bicycle off my hands. Am sure that it will be of better&more use to her than me. Got it in 2013 and have only used it a couple of times.

You are likely to fall when you stop paddling your bicycle. Such is life. As long as you don’t give up, you will never end up failing ― Israelmore Ayivor

Fri: TGIF and still not fully re-energized. But at this stage I suppose it is as good as it can be and hopefully better as the days go by – one tiny step ahead for now 🙂


Another interesting talk tonight@ACM.


It was a beautiful night by the SIN River with some lovely live music from the FullertonHotel for the NewGeneration who are enjoying their skinny dip in the river.


Edited – QingMing (5Apr) is an observance for paying respect and the remembrance of one’s ancestors, that is celebrated mainly by those of Chinese ancestry. Also known Tomb Sweeping Day. Tkx to nephews Raymond&Jay for these old pix to share of my paternal grandfather’s 1950 funeral from #5TemenggongRd to then PeckSanTheng 碧山亭 – now Bishan.


It took me only recently to be able to go thru’ these pix from my mother’s funeral when I was 15 then – she too died in #5TemenggongRd and was buried@PeckSanTheng. All my paternal grandparents’ remains are@Kwong Wai Siew PeckSanTheng 廣惠肇碧山亭 while my parents’ remains are@Mandai Crematorium.

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