World’s Best Airport For 7yrs Consecutively

1 Apr 2019 – NO April’s Fool

Sat: arr PVG 1+hr behind schedule safe&sound after 12hrs uneventful flight, probably encountered more head wind! And I who thought it was 9hrs flight, but that was the flight was from PVG-HNL, lost count of the movies watched on flight! Checked into the pre-booked room US$81 S$109@Dazhong-Airport-Hotel. Worth a good night sleep on a bed in a clean basic room+shower&toilet, perfect location between T1&T2 for an over-tired traveler.

Sun: after 8hrs of sleep, took a walk for a cup of coffee@0530hrs and looking at these lines for cars into the airport (view from hotel-window) and for the Metro into town – am glad that the check-out time was not until 12n, thus time for a snooze before flight from PVG-SIN.

Another hour delayed for flight to SIN, but got to try a fast food meal before checking in which was decent for the price of S$6.


Sun: arr SIN app 2100hrs and decided to head for a bowl of BakKutTeh@T3Kopitiam before catching the bus/0.87cents from the airport to my 4-walls. Back to my favourtie airport (agreeing with 13+millions voters), an airport where I do not mind be delayed or stranded in. SIN airport pix downloaded.

Air travel reminds us who we are. It’s the means by which we recognize ourselves as modern. The process removes us from the world and sets us apart from each other. We wander in the ambient noise, checking one more time for the flight coupon, the boarding pass, the visa. The process convinces us that at any moment we may have to submit to the force that is implied in all this, the unknown authority behind it, behind the categories, the languages we don’t understand. This vast terminal has been erected to examine souls ― Don DeLillo


Mon: feeling still tired after 10hrs sleep (vaguely heard the rains) but that is no surprise considering that I have been on antiB&under the weather. No April’s Fool but certainly feeling at this stage of life that the reality of both body&mind are finally in sync with min complains&regrets – hahaha. Glad to be back where just across the road, I can get a veggie meal for S$2.90 and 3days of fruits/S$7 – affordable energy boosters for unpacking and laundry time.

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