Jewel Changi Airport

11 Apr 2019 – National Siblings Day

Tue: tkx for yummy home-made dinner at Jo’s. Watched Arctic – a man stranded in the Arctic after an airplane crash must decide whether to remain in the relative safety of his makeshift camp or to embark on a deadly trek through the unknown in hopes of making it out alive. It was already cold in this small cinema but felt so much colder screening this!

Wed: been informed by Linn&May (pix credits to Linn who is visiting May&their half-siblings/Norway)&Dika (pix credits to Richard of Minos&Dike in 1980s/UK) that it is National Siblings Day in the US. Posted the 1955B/W FBpix (none of my siblings here in FB), sharing with the Orange Generation who are mostly in FB – 1.Lawrence – father to John&Larry, 2.Kiong (1935-2000) – father to JenMun, Jenleng, JenWee&Steve 3.Jo – mother to Pat&Sue, 4.Steven – father to Vincent, Judy, Daisy&Clement, 5.Joyce – mother to Lee Wang&Yasmine, 6 Leslie – father to Patricia&Kat and 7.Me – mother to Linn&May.

Still going thru’ old pix and it is quite a job but interesting, thus taking much of my time. Also found some postcards from 1957&60 from Lawrence&Les of their safety&whereabouts then&there in London&Dublin where Nelson Pillar still existed then, now The Spire/Needle of Dublin.

Am trying to keep the tradition by sending postcards to the grandchildren, but doubt that they keep them – its the thought that counts.

Thu: just cannot get enough of these wet cool days – relaxing to be indoors organizing old pix and reading old mail from the 1950s-60s. Walking under the shelter-walkway to catch the bus to the airport was a breeze, no umbrella needed as the bus gets in the basements of all the 3Terminals. From T3, these link bridges via translators or walk connect you to this new SIN National Pride, Jewel. The shortest walk will be from T1.

Beautiful flower sculptures along the Petal Garden

The Discovery Slides will not be opened until June, but looks fun.

Best to visit late afternoon-early evening to see the water features both in daylight and night when the light&sound show takes center-stage. Definitely worth the trip to see the world’s tallest indoor waterfall/40m Rain Vortex for a sneak-peek. Costing S$1.7billion with 300 retail&dining facilities, 1hotel+1cinema over 134,000sqm from B1-Level5 will need more time to check it out.


Took the escalators up –  a happy selfie 🙂 and a slow walk down the stairs to enjoy the center-waterfall at all levels and also the other soothing water features to soften the stone-walls.


Need a whole day to explore especially with a Shaw cinema there (still the best price for Seniors S$4)+the 1st Norwegian fast casual dining Pink Fish, 1st non-Japan Pokemon Centre (for #6). Above 3pix downloaded


PowSing Restaurant using Mozart listening fresh organic chicken for their ChickenRice, die die must try here another day! Lines were too long today, so were most places, including the A&W.


Dinner@ShangSocial, on the pricey side, but few places without a line then. Food OK, nothing to write home about and there will not be a second visit.

Panorama shot credits to Clement. To hopefully return after Jun when there are less crowds and when all the other attractions like the Bouncing&Walking Nets, Hedge&Mirror Mazes, Discovery Slides, Canopy Bridge, etc are completed. To be updated here with pix!!

Jewel has certainly put airports to another level – a level that makes airport visits for whatever reason a more enjoyable one, not just to leave or return on planes or to welcome or say goodbyes, but now to shop, dine, watch a movie, a walk in the park with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall with playgrounds for children.

Edited – 17Apr 2019: